Attacks on Mamta Banerji in Delhi had streaks of Fascism

This article was written by Sh. Parmanand Pandey (Advocate, Supreme Court and General Secretary, Indian People’s Congress on April 11, 2013 and was posted on Parokar website.
Attacks on West Bengal Chief Minister Kumari Mamta Banerjee and State’s Finance Minister Amit Mitra on 8th April before the gate of the Planning Commission in the high safety zone of New Delhi is not only sad and reprehensible but it also raises some disturbing questions. Firstly; why the goons of the CPI(M) were, at all, allowed to assemble in large number, around 300, outside the gate when prohibitory order under section 144 of the Cr. P.C. always remain in force in the area. Secondly; it happened within the range of 100 metres of the Parliament Street Police Station, which remains fortified round the clock. Thirdly; why did the Delhi police remain so callous as not to foresee the threat to Ms Mamta Banerjee who is an eye sore to the CPM ruffians, who have mastered the art of goondaism and killing their foes and then paint it with some ideological colour.
However, the colour they provide to their organised anarchy is well known to the people and anybody can see-through their nefarious and sinister designs. This is not in the hindsight the people say that the police should have been more alert on such occasions but everybody invariably believes that this is the sheer incompetence of the police and this is how it normally behaves in India.
The CPI (M) cadre is postmaster in telling lies. They try to beguile and befool the credulous people. The Party has earned expertise in blackmailing and bamboozlement. The CPI (M) leaders have said in their explanation that they were demonstrating outside the Planning Commission as they knew beforehand that Mamta Banerjee was coming to attend a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, to protest against the death of a 23 year old Sudipta Gupta, an activist of the Student Federation of India, allegedly under the custody of Kolkata police. The police, on the other, say that he died in an accident while being taken to lock up but the CPM’s student wing SFI is not ready to believe and buy the police theory. Both the police and the SFI may be right or both may be wrong. This can be conclusively established after a fair enquiry.
The death of any body, much less of a young boy is being exploited by the CPM. It must be said here that the death of the promising boy is sad but the way the CPI (M) is trying to capitalise it for the Party’s revival is deplorable. The fact is that they got very sound drubbing twice in quick succession in the hustings after a long period of 34 years of its reign has still not been reconciled by them.
The CPI (M) strategists think that if could rule West Bengal for 34 long years by the cult of violence; they can again come to power through violence.
But they are sadly mistaken much water has flown through Hoogly in the last three and half decades and new generation has become wiser, more by experience than by analysis. Youngsters can no longer be misguided by polemics and romanticism of phony revolution of the CPI (M). During the unconscionably long rule of 34 years the CPM has virtually destroyed all the fabrics of social values, industry and agriculture. It has thrown the vast populace into drain of abject poverty, backwardness and indolence. Thus, the need is to expose the CPI (M) misdeeds with all the vigour and strength that one possesses to save the country. The attacks on Mamta and Mitra are the matters of concern for the entire country because they tantamount to the naked display of fascism that we often witness in West Bengal by the hoodlums of the CPI(M) and also in Maharashtra by the lumpens of Raj Thakre’s MNS party.
The time has come when this fascism should be crushed, pulverised and buried to fathomless depth.


Generic drugs: historic Supreme Court judgement

By: Parmanand Pandey (Advocate, Supreme Court and General Secretary, Indian People’s Congress)
The Supreme Court of India has delivered a historic judgment which will provide a huge relief to thousands of cancer patients in India. Through this verdict the Court has allowed the suppliers to continue making generic copies of a cancer fighting drug Novartis Glivec. At present it costs more than Rs. one lakh per month but thanks to this judgment it will henceforth cost less than nine thousand rupees.
It is a humane and every inch judicious judgment. The Pharmaceutical companies, no doubt, do a commendable job of research and development of medicines for life threatening diseases like cancer and HIV. But once they have invented the medicines and recovered the cost of research they forget their benign duties of serving the mankind and continue to indulge into inexorable exploitation by keeping the cost exorbitantly high. In this the companies, which were claiming the patent rights were not credited with any invention but they have doing certain combinations and permutations in the medicines being traded.
Studies that have been presented before the court clearly suggest that the manufacturing companies have already earned the entire cost of Research and Development within one year of its production. Glivecis is the brand name of Inatinib Novartis which had applied for a patent of a modified drug ‘beta crystalline’. The Supreme Court has given a very well-reasoned judgment that the patent for ‘beta crystalline’ could not be granted because it was not any invention but an imitation with minor changes. In fact, it has been the case of downright cheating by companies which have been charging the unreasonable prices for cancer drugs. This cruelty is condemnable. One of my friends the late Alok Tomar who died two years ago of deadly disease of cancer had written somewhere about the pathetic story of the cancer patients whose disease was aggravated and advanced due to prohibitive cost of medicines. He had in his imitable style narrated that a great deal of racket was involved in the dealings of cancer medicines.
The judges – Aftab Alam and Ranjana K. Desai – must be complimented and applauded for this landmark judgment and hopefully, the pharmaceutical companies would understand their primary duty of relieving the pains and sufferings of the people instead of raking into the stinking profit by selling of the medicines to helpless and poor patients.

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