Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh etc. : space denied in official history

How India gradually compromised its freedom by her unwise steps and ultimately in 1857 lost it to the British Empire completely, is a fairly established history that should still teach a lesson or two to modern free India. But, the history of how that country was catapult by the great sacrifices of revolutionaries within a short period of about 40 years (1910 to 1947) from a slave population to a belligerent national mass and compelled the British very soon to resign to their unpleasant fate of disbanding their Indian Empire in the face of such belligerency, albeit by designing a graceful exit, is not so fairly known.

Saga of these revolutionary sacrifices and their decisive historical contribution in making the British making their mind to go, is a missing chapter in the official history of Indian freedom struggle. The powerful Indian revolutionary forces had, almost as a singular and decisive factor, molded the belligerent mood of Indian people that made the British gauge the seriousness of the situation and make-up their mind to leave.

Since in the face of these glowing sacrifices by revolutionaries and their mesmerizing effect on public psyche, the legitimacy of the claim of official freedom-fighters to take the rein of new India into their hands was seriously compromised, dubiously the new regime by design did not concede any historical space to these unsung heroes of the country. The successful attempt of official free India to consign to the dustbin of history the Delhi Conspiracy and Lahore Conspiracy cases and their accused is a glaring testimony of this unfortunate attitude.

This series of the life sketches of the accused of Delhi Conspiracy (Chandra Shekhar Azad), Lahore Conspiracy (Bhagat Singh), Chitgong Armoury (Master Surya Sen), Azad Hind Fauz (Subhash Chandra Bose), Alipur (Sri Aurobindo) cases etc. is intended to correct this historical mistake of the official history of Indian freedom struggle. Heroes of these struggles had made much greater sacrifices in the national cause and had a much profound vision about a free India than those who usurped the reins of free India and distorted the history to appropriate this claim to themselves.

Unfortunately, most of the persons involved in these cases have already died leaving no trace of the turbulent times and their travails due to this official apathy to recognize their contribution and preserve its memory. With the passage of time, even the people who knew about these efforts made in the difficult hours of India are now not left in good numbers.

The persons who still survive and know about their activities may bring their memory to the public domain by contributing to these lines. This series really needs the unbiased collaborative work from all those, Indians and non-Indians, who may happen to have in their possession the relevant and credible information about Indian revolutionaries.

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