Ukraine’s fire will singe others

By: Parmanand pandey (Advocate, Supreme Court & General Secretary, IPC)

         Ukraine, an independent and sovereign country although, has been under the tremendous influence of the Russian Federation for the variety of reasons. The country has been enveloped with the crisis for many years but in February 2014, it has deepened to alarming level. Ukraine has revived the cold war era, when two axis forces led by the then Soviet Union and United States of America were itching to assail one another at the slightest pretext. This time also the western part of the Ukraine having contiguity with European Union is making all out efforts to forge  strong ties with the Europe but the eastern Ukraine , which has proximity with Russia, wants to remain close to Russia. It may be mentioned here that eastern part of Ukraine consists of nearly half of the Russian-speaking people.

          Ukraine is virtually caught between the devil and deep sea. Vladimir Putin wants to make Russia a global economic player, rivaling China, the US and EU, in close co-operation with Ukraine because she has deep cultural and economic ties with Ukraine. But the European Union says Ukraine must assimilate with EU for modernization of her economy. European Union wants that democracy and human rights must be respected as it it flagrantly infringed in the present dispensation. Kiev  is the capital of the Ukraine. East Ukrainian say that going with EU means loss of their jobs but the West Ukrainian say that in 1990, Ukraine had bigger GDP than Poland but now Poland has three times larger economy than Ukraine.

          Former President Vikto Yanukkovych , who is  said to be hiding  in Russia, is also responsible for messing up the problem. India has always had good relationship with Russia and Ukraine and therefore, she cannot remain indifferent to the crisis that is raging Ukraine. India must make initiative to resolve the crisis, which may result into conflagration in the days to come if not handled cautiously.

          By way of information, Ukraine is one of the few countries where the growth of population is negative. Its population is declining with an average of 15 lakh every year. At present its population is 46 million.


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  1. Authors of posts
    Mar 11, 2014 @ 09:18:45

    It is a blatant pandering of their interests by EU and US in Ukraine that has pushed this country into chaos. Ukraine is next door neighbour of Russia and her security interests are involved in every move of Ukraine and it has justification to show its interest in Ukraine.



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