Why Kejriwal is obsessed to fight against Modi ?

By: Parmanand pandey, General Secretary IPC (in consultation with Shreepal singh)

    Arvind Kejriwal’s obsession of contesting the Lok Sabha election from the same constituency of Varanasi  where Narendra Modi has choosen to fight is inexplicable for lesser mortals like us.  We, nevertheless, feel that Kejriwal wants to shine in the reflected glory of a person, who has been able to build up a sort of wave in his favour by his deeds in the country. Kejriwal thinks that by positing himself against Modi and talking tall on all conceivable issues, he would be able to steal the limelight of the media. This is a psychological problem and it needs to be cured.

          He is going all over the country but instead of presenting any alternative, he becomes vociferous in criticizing Modi. Sometimes he says that Modi has become the agent of the corporate houses like those of Ambani and Adani. He conveniently forgets the fact that Ambanis and Adanis have not made their huge empires only in Gujrat and during Modi’s regime. They have flourished during Congress regime and that too all over the country.

Therefore, to single out Modi for the rise of these industrialists would amount to compromising the truth. Singling out of Modi by Kejariwal (in day in and day out from the moment he has chosen to fight Lok Sabha elections beyond Delhi – where he was the Chief Minister) as the real cause of the rise of Ambani or Adani business houses, is a blatant lies on the part of Kejariwal. It is not only the blatant lies on his part, it is a worse crime being played upon the people of this country by misleading them.

Firstly, Ambani, Adani and a whole horde of big business houses of their ilk are not limited to Gujrat; they have their empire spread out through out India. Is Modi responsible for the rise of their empire through out India (say, in haryana)? Obviously, Modi is not responsible for their such rise.

But, then who is responsible for their such rise? Answer is very plain: Primarily, the persons and political parties that ruled at the Centre (whereat the open policy of these leaders/parties is to promote the business of such industralists/capitalists); and secondarily, the responsibilities of executing these central policies lie with the State Governments. It is a blatant lies on the part of Kejariwal to blame Modi for their rise.

Secondly, Kejariwal by misleading the electorates is committing a worse crime upon the people of this country. He never ever says that it is the Congress Government at the Centre that is the cause of the rise of Ambani, Adani etc. etc. through out India.

Why does Kejariwal not say this truth? Is he not wise enough to understand this fact? He is IIT passed; he is IRS qualified. He is not fool not to understand this simple fact.

Then, what is the reason for Kejariwal to single out Modi for this blame and exclude Congress (at the Centre and say, in Haryana)? He is playing these tricks upon the people to fulfil his ambitions. Yesterday, Kejariwal was the worst enemy of Congress (and, he rose by positing himself an “Anti-Congress” fighter); today, he is the best friend of Congress.

By singling out Modi as his sole enemy, Kejariwal would accomplish by his conduct three things:

Firstly, he would help fulfil the plan of Congress to stop Modi becoming the Prime Minister.

Secondly, he would create conditions in India where there is a coalition government of rank-opportunist political elements and de-stabalise India to the advantage of Congress (which is hoping to stage a come-back in 2019 elections on the plank of Stability).

Thirdly, by his conduct, Kejariwal is helping the enemies of this country, who wish india to be unstable, weak, without strong leader like Modi.

Modi has gone to Varanasi to provide boost to his candidates in Uttar Pradesh, which returns the largest number of members to the Lok Sabha but Kejriwal has no such stakes. He is there only to oppose Modi. Opposition for the sake opposition has never been a good philosophy and any right-thinking person will condemn it.

    Kejriwal is nowdays being propped up by the Congress Party because he is doing everything at its bidding. Now let us see the real colour of Kejriwal. In Bangalore, he charged Ruppes twenty thousand from those who lunched and dined with him. Can any Aam Adami think of paying such a huge amount to have a meal with the common person’s leader who is so uncommon? The other day he took the facility of travelling in a very costly-chartered plane to attend a conclave of India Today. It may be mentioned here that in Delhi he made a news of travelling in the Metro train to attend his office. He often boasts of moving around in an old Santro car but has no compunction in availing the hospitality of a big media house. This is a duplicity of the top order and we deprecate it in strongest possible terms.

      To become a big you must think big and do the noble work. Austerity should not only be talked about but it must be observed in the life as well. Hiatus between words and deeds, precepts and conducts, preaching and practicing cause the trust deficit. Kejriwal ji, do not be the cause of such a big trust deficit as it will be harmful to the politics of the country which has already lost much of its sheen in the public.


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