Who is more and who is less developed?

(This article is based on the interaction of ideas between Shreepal Singh and Dr. R. R. Kishore)

Freedom allowed to one to pursue the goal of happiness is his or her liberty. Happiness is the natural goal of life. The quantum of happiness that one possesses is the measure of his or her development and/or progress. Happiness is a state of mind, which today – in the present state of scientific development – cannot be measured.

But the effect of happiness expressed by one in the outer physical / objective world through his or her conduct can very well be measured. The conduct of one in his or her private and public life is the reflection of his or her state of mind.

The unmistable imprint of happiness is the sense of contentment that one happy person possesses in his or her life. Conversely speaking, the unhappy person is a discontented human being. He or she is a person who has not got what he or she wanted or attempted to get. On the other hand, a happy person is one who is contented with what he or she got or attempted to get.

Discontentment is a negative trait that gets reflected in the violence and agitation in one’s conduct and the properties of violence and agitation in one’s conduct are objective things, measurable quantities and amenable to be put on a scale.

On the scale made-up of violence and agitation, the higher is one, the less happy and developed he or she is.

The wholesome concept of happiness is that it is a sense of fulfilment of a person produced by his or her creative industry. Its elements are: industry, which involves physical labour; creativity, which involves the use of natural human tendency of inquisitiveness; a sense of fulfilment, which involves a mental state.

Happiness is a mental product of biological activities. It lies more not in reaching the goal but in the hard physical work or industry proceeding towards achieving the desired goal.

Bhutan – as a country – has rightly put the happiness as a constitutional goal of making its people happy and, therefore, developed. It is unlike India where the constitution chases the chimera of artificial Western concepts of progress. The Western ideas of making Gross Domestic Product, Per Capita Income, Individual Intakes of Water, Calories etc. a measure of development are false concepts in this respect.


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