‘A to Z’ of Marxism and ‘Fate’ of capitalism (2)

(This article is posted by: Shreepal Singh)

In modern times, Hegel was the first person to formulate precisely the laws of working of Nature under the name Dialectics.

And Karl Marx was the first person to popularize Dialectics by putting its foundation on Matter and by showing that its principles governed the working of Nature.

The science and technologies never stop growing. They make humans’ life comfortable. But they also make a burial ground of obsolete things. Old things go out of fashion and new things take their place.

Marxism, as a philosophical system to understand Nature and Nature’s basic working principles, and an inevitable advent in society of Communism as the product of the working of those principles had in the 20th century stirred humanity to its core. Till recently, this exposition had captured the imagination of the best of human minds. The appeal of this idea was greatly augmented by the political events of the October 1917 Russian Revolution and the establishment of the Soviet Union; revolutions in China and Cuba; and several other countries.

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union and China taking the road of capitalist economy, the intellectual appeal of Marxism has almost died. Though still in many countries political movements and armed struggles under the banner of Marxism are going on, their intellectual sheen is nowhere in existence.

As a philosophical construct and political ideology, Marxism no longer attracts the best minds in explaining the new realities of the modern world. Even, it is not able to explain in its philosophic constructs the demise of Soviet Union or, say, China taking the capitalist road. This inability of 20th century Marxism has emboldened all sorts of petty philosophers to attack Marxism as a concept and nibble its disjointed pillars. Marxism of 20th century has not grown to adapt the 21st century and explain the new realities in terms of its basic principles. Feeble Marxists have been tinkering much with its old mold to explain away the realities of the new world but do not dare to grow any further and make bold assertions in terms of its pristine understanding of Nature.

Marxism as a philosophical construct may be wrong, from the day it was enunciated by Karl Marx, or may be right as ever, but the rationale of its principles and the deductions of its logic are still far more correct than any other competitive philosophy. The assault on Marxism by the whole horde of capitalist intellectuals, or if you love to call them philosophers, is ill-motivated; selfish; and anything but philosophical.

We intend to put the record straight here on this website on this count. We do not put our judgment on Marxism here; it may be correct; or, it may be incorrect.

Here, we will assume that Marxism is correct in its basic premises; we will examine its concepts; definitions of the terms used there; the logic and deductions; explanation of the 21st century world in its terms; logical conclusions that must happen in the coming future; and, forecast of impending events. We assume here that the reader has the basic understanding of the Marxist philosophical concepts under the terms: Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis; Change from Quantity to Quality; Negation of Negation; and, Spiral Evolution.

We intend to take-up these things in this series of articles. The first thing we take up for consideration is the Marxist concept of mode of production.

Under Marxist philosophy, mode of production is the key to understand the mechanism of social change.

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