Model Election Manifesto of Political Parties in India

(This Model Menifesto is posted by: Dr. R. R. Kishore, Advocate, Supreme Court)

This is a model election menifesto that must be compulsorily adopted by all poilitical parties in India, with the needed variations that a political party may wish to make on the following items of life’s basic needs of Indian citizens:

(The name of the party) …………..  will, inter-alia, ensure the following,

  1. Free supply of 200Litres of safe water per day to each individual.
  2. Electricity @ Rs. 2 per Unit up to 400 Units per month to every consumer
  3. Supply of 2500 Calories of balanced food to each adult individual, at affordable price.
  4. Daily disposal of garbage and other household waste, free of charge.
  5. Free medical facilities to every individual
  6. Free education to every individual up to class XII.
  7. Suitable residential accommodation to be calculated @ 150 Sq. Ft. per individual, for a rent @ 10% of the income the family,  in case of those who do not have resources to purchase a house.
  8. Containment of prices of food, medicines and other essential commodities. If the prices of any item are to be enhanced owing to unavoidable circumstances, it will done after due notice to the public.
  9. Compulsory disclosure of ownership by the media i.e. television channels and the print media.
  10. Maximum time limit for commercials to be fixed during telecast by the TV channels as also the maximum space to be used for advertisements in the print media.
  11. Telecast/publication of false news by the media houses to be made a criminal offence attracting stringent penalties.
  12. Harnessing of national resources such as water, petroleum, minerals, spectrum etc. will be allowed in private sector with full transparency i.e., the contract will be finalized after making the terms and conditions public and it will be subject to close and strict regulatory control by the Govt. and breach of contract will be made a criminal offence, in addition to attracting civil liabilities.
  13. The existing public sector enterprise such as railways, roadways, airlines, hospitals will not be privatized without the people’s approval as determined through referendum
  14. 30% of the seats in the State legislature and the Parliament  will be reserved for women candidates
  15. Only a person who has been permanently living in an area for at least 10 years will be eligible to contest  election from that constituency.
  16. A person having a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree will be eligible for contesting the election
  17. The upper age limit for contesting the election will be fixed at 70 years
  18. A person will be eligible to contest the election subject to being declared physically and mentally fit  by a duly constituted Board of medical experts.
  19. No person will be eligible to contest from more than one constituency in an election
  20. It will be compulsory for the elected representative to remain available in his/her constituency for at least 60 days in a year
  21. The details of funds received by the political parties will be made public and full particulars of the person/agency extending the funds will be available on the party’s website.
  22. When our party is presenting this Menifesto to the public, we understand that it is a promise in the legal sense, which can be enforced by an electer in a court of law against us. We, our party and the central officials of our party HEREBY agree that the moment our candidate is elected on the promise of this Manifesto, this Menifesto become an enforceable AGREEMENT, which AGREEMENT can be enforced for a civil and/or criminal liability in a court of law against US, JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY for the breach of the same.



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