‘A to Z’ of Marxism and ‘Fate’ of capitalism (4)

(This article is posted by: Shreepal Singh)

We come back to the ‘capitalist mode of production’.

Unless there is a new ‘mode of production’, no new social system (socialism or communism or any other one) can come into being. If a new social system is brought, or sought to be brought, by force by changing the ‘relations of the forces of production’, while the ‘mode of production’ is still the old one, such new social system would be an artificial one and would not last for long. And, a new mode of production can only be brought into existence only by the development of science and technology.

What is the state of the development of science and technology today, in so far as this development impacts the prevalent mode of production? We will consider now.

And, whether this scientific and technological development will transform the prevalent ‘capitalist mode of production’ into a new one, where still there will be ‘two classes’ forming the ‘forces of production’? We will consider.

What about the Marxist concept of `spiral evolution’, that is, the repetition of things (by the mechanism of thesis, antithesis and synthesis) at the ever higher level? What about another Marxist concept of a full circle from ‘primitive communism’ to ‘modern communism’? We will consider it at the appropriate stage..

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