Delhi Conspiracy Commission: Rudra Dutt Mishra

Rudra Dutt Mishra was born into a wealthy family of the Alwar region. Mishra was known to be very bold and was never intimidated. He was always the one to voice his opinions. Mishra was a doctor by profession. It is said that one day he was asked by a notorious robber of the area to accompany him and treat one of his ill relatives. Being the bold man he was, Rudra Dutt consented. He was blindfolded and led to the hideout where he successfully treated the patient and then dined with the robber himself.

Rudra Dutt has been known to throw a shoe at a British judge at a court hearing.

On May 25, 1932, Rudra Dutt Misra, Dhanwantri, K B Gupta, B R Gupta, S H Vatsayana, Azad Vidyabhushan, Vaishampayan, Bhagirath Lal and Harkesh, individuals who were the accused, sent a petition from Old Viceregal Lodge, Delhi to the viceroy in his summer residence in Shimla which is now a centre of advanced academic research.

The conspiracy charge was finally dropped in February 1933 as untenable and the fact that there was not enough evidence to take it any further. Four of the accused were let off and the rest were to be tried individually ‘for severe overt acts’. Nothing more is known about this revolutionary. Help is needed to fill this gap.


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  1. Raj Prabha
    Jul 28, 2014 @ 02:02:37

    I read that it was J. Nehru who informed the police about Azad’s location in the park where he shot himself. Is it really a fact? If so can you please chek the details. I understand that the documents are still in Allahabad. Nehru told V.Bhai Pant to destry these after 1947. He did not destroy the papers but told Nehru that it has been done.



    • Authors of posts
      Jul 28, 2014 @ 08:51:42

      If this information is correct it is a very serious matter. Every Indian worth his or her salt must make effort to get details of this treachery to bring it to the notice of this nation. In fact India needs to re-write the correct history of our freedom struggle.



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