Gopal Subramanian controversy underlines the need for National Judicial Commission

Parmanand Pandey (General Secretary IPC)

The unsavory controversy about the appointment of the Gopal Subramanian as the judge of the Supreme Court was avoidable. However, this further underscores the need for the National Judicial Commission for the selection of the judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court. In fact it has become almost imperative in the present circumstances. The way the appointment of the eminent lawyer was turned down by the Executive has compelled the people to consider over this matter with all seriousness that it deserves. However one must hasten to add that it is not the eminence of a lawyer that alone has to be counted in the matter of making judicial appointments in the higher judiciary. India is perhaps the one and the only major democratic country in the world where the judiciary has appropriated the right to appoint judges for the High Courts and the Supreme Court. In all other countries, the appointments are done by the Executive, mostly in consultation with the judges of the top courts. In India the Supreme Court has made it a law by the judicial pronouncement that judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court can be appointed the collegiums system, which consists of normally a handful of senior most judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts.


Earlier the Executive was being blamed for not appointing the competent judges to the High Courts and the Supreme Court. The allegations were also made that those pliable and in good books of the government of the day were being appointed the judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court. It was also being said in jest that there are two types of judges, ‘those who know the law and those who know the law minister’. However, the history bears testimony to the fact that the judges appointed by the Executive have delivered many landmark judgments, which have stood the test of the times and they are still serving as the beacon lights. The Executive appointed judges like V.R.Krishnaiyer, Y.V.Chandrachud, Venkatachaliah, P.N.Bhagwathi, Vivian Bose, H. R. Khanna and Jeevan Reddy are remembered for their contributions to the development of jurisprudence through their judgments.


Therefore, to say that the appointment through the Executive was a wrong method and amounted to interference in the independence of the judiciary is not fully true. We have seen that after 1995, when the method of collegiums was introduced has not been hunky-dory because we have yet to find the judges of high caliber and extraordinary competence who have made marks by delivering the path breaking judgments.


There are many vacancies existing in many High Court and they could not have been filled despite the scarce interference from the Executive. So, no else can be blamed for this state but the collegiums itself.  This shows that there has been no improvement in the process of appointment of judges, which is sluggish and tardy as used to be the Second Judges case. The controversy generated with regard to the appointment of Shri Gopal Subramanian may, therefore, prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Mr. Subramanian is without doubt a brilliant lawyer and it is always a delight to hear his arguments in courts, and he is an asset the bar. Still, as we said, it is not the eminence of a lawyer that alone has to be considered in the matter of making judicial appointments in the higher judiciary. India is a multi-religious/ethnic democracy and this diversity allows people to have diverse aspirations, which sometimes may even be conflicting. In democracy, it is possible that at one time there is one set of political establishment with a particular tone of aspirations and at another time it is replaced by a different set of political power with an entirely different tone of aspirations. In such a scenario, the higher state organs, including judiciary, need to be insulated against any trace of a biased commitment, be it political or religious or of other kinds. Not only the higher judiciary, in a country full of diversity like India, but even the state judicial officers need to have only one commitment: the commitment to the Constitution and its ethos. Mr. Subramanian proposed elevation to the apex court and, then, suddenly dropping his name out of this process is a blessing in disguise because this incident brings to the fore two important questions for national consideration: firstly, the need of a National Judicial Commission for the selection of the judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court; and, secondly, the need of insulating the higher judiciary from any trace of a biased commitment.

The demand for having the transparent National Judicial Commission to appoint the judges of competence and unbiased mind has certainly gained currency with this controversy. Presently, those who are chosen by the collegiums of the senior judges to be appointed as the judges of the High Courts or even of the Supreme Court have served as the law officers at one point of time or the other. Thus the influence of the government can be seen, may be not directly but indirectly. Since the government is the biggest litigator, therefore, the Law Officers get frequent opportunities to appear before the judges and  are noticed by them to be  picked up for their appointment as  the judges. However, it National Judicial Commission is constituted then even those who are not in government panels but are intelligent lawyers will get the opportunity to prove their mettle. Moreover, they will be doing their job with impartiality and sincerity, which will go a long way in curbing the corruption in the judiciary. For the purposes of accelerating the process of justice delivery, the modern technology must be availed to the maximum possible. Technology is the best leveler and it does not discriminate between the two sets of people. It will definitely work for benefit of common person. It will help in overcoming the problems of nepotism. Therefore, the need of the hour is to immediately introduce the system of National Judicial Commission for the selection of judges of the higher courts and the modern technology for clearing the backlogs.

Keep Hindi Out Of Political Muck


Parmanand Pandey (General Secretary IPC)

A routine circular issued by the Home Ministry of the Government of India about the use of Hindi has been made a subject of controversy and contention. Of all the persons, who have taken the lead to kick up the dust is none but the former Chief Minister of Tamilnudu, M. Karunanidhi. See the irony that Mr. Karunanidhi is advocating the cause of English, a language with which he does not have even the nodding acquaintance. A person who neither understands the English language nor can even properly read it, has taken up the cudgels on its behalf. He is not asking for the promotion of Tamil which he knows fairly well, but he is speaking against the so-called hegemony of Hindi.

Not to be left behind by Karunanidhi is the present Chief Minister of Tamilnanu Ms. J. Jayalalitha, who, surprisingly, has very good knowledge of Hindi as she can speak chaste Hindi. One can understand the logic of Ms. Jayalalitha joining the chorus of protest against Hindi because she knows that if she allows the space of protest open then wily Karunanidhi will grab it. What is, however, more surprising is the joining of the anti-Hindi chorus by Mr.  P.Chidambaram, the former finance minister of India. Mr. Chidambaram has no political stakes or roots in his home state of Tamilnadu. Last time in the year 2009, he could win the parliamentary election with a very tenuous majority because then Mr. Karunanidhi’s party, DMK, was in alliance with the Congress Party. He is very unpopular leader, although he made all efforts as the finance minister to distribute largesse among the voters of his constituency. Mr. Chidambaram is more known as a political manipulator than a leader. He is also a Senior Advocate, but here too, he is known for managing the cases than arguing the finer points of law.


What could be more shameful for a person that, who has lived for four decades in Hindi speaking area and has occupied the important administrative positions in the country, expresses his inability to speak and properly communicate in the Hindi language? Mr. Chidambaram may continue to take pride in his ignorance of Hindi but people across the country consider it the symbol of his being a moron and dolt person. Anybody of basic understanding and average mind would be able to pick-up any language to communicate with the people if he or she had lived for some time in the area where that language is spoken. The statement of Mr. Chidambaram, therefore, castigating and denouncing the circular of the Home Ministry with regard to Hindi Language is most unfortunate, to say the least. This cannot be expected from a person who has been at the helm of affairs for years together and who knows as to how the government is run. It is, thus, inexcusable mischief of Mr. Chidambaram.


Now let us come to the circular of the Home Ministry with regard to the Hindi language, it can be said that it has been issued in most mechanical manner without any application of mind. This circular was unnecessary and useless. Social media does not have the barriers or boundaries as it travels across the globe. So what was the need for sending an advisory to officials to make use of any particular language? Having said it all, there is no gainsaying that the Hindi has already obtained the status of the lingua franca of the country without any support from the Governments. Karunanidhi, Chidambaram and Jayalalitha notwithstanding the march of Hindi will not be stopped because it enjoys tremendous support of the people. It provides comfort and convenience to the masses of the country. Hindi is the most unobtrusive language and more than 90% people of the country from east to west and north to south understand it. Most of the words that are used in Hindi for communication are common to almost all languages of the country. The script of Hindi is Devnagri, which is used for Nepali and Marathi as well and it is very close to Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamies and Bengali scripts. It is heavily dependent on Sanskrit and so are the other South Indian languages like Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu. The syntax of Hindi and Urdu are common and that is why, it a very difficult to differentiate between simple Urdu and simple Hindi.

The language of Bollywood, which has its appeal throughout the country, is Hindi. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Hindi films have made a very significant contribution to make it a very popular language. Similarly, the contribution of the Railways and the Military cannot be underestimated in propagation of Hindi. Perhaps Mr. Karunanidhi does not know the fact that a Jawan of Tamilnadu uses Hindi to communicate with another Jawan of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam, Bengal, Uttar Preadesh or Madhya Pradesh. A Assami Jawan cannot understand Tamil or a Tamil Jawan would not understand the Assamese or Bengali or Odia or Marathi. Jawans are not expected to be well versed in the English language but they all know enough Hindi to communicate with each other. It is a welcome sign, which should be appreciated and encouraged by all.

To top it all, the development of any language is very closely linked to the employment. The young, educated men and women of Tamilnadu know it well that for better pastures of employment they will have to move out of their state. If they do not know Hindi, a language that is understood in almost all parts of the country, how can they think of getting the bigger markets of jobs? Therefore, the young generation will have to learn the Hindi language, which has become almost indispensable for the sake of employment.

For God’s sake, keep Hindi out of politics. It is understandable in the case of Karunanidhi because he has been surviving and flourishing on the fulcrum of the opposition of Hindi. He has no agenda. He is bereft of ideas. He has no vision as to how to make a country strong and vibrant and that is why, he plays the emotional issue of language. The surprising thing is that why the people of Tamilnadu had fallen prey to his emotional blackmailing in the past? Karunanidhi must also know that much water has flown through Kaveri from 1960 to 2014. His threat of stirring movement against Hindi will now have no appeal in 2014. Today’s youth cannot be misled by the ilks of Karunanidhi. He is a deadwood and a spent force. Ms. Jayalalitha should, instead of lending her support to Karunanidhi, must come down against such fissiparous elements with iron hand.

In the mean time, it is also advisable that the pig-headed officials of the Home Ministry will avoid doing anything which may provide fodder to the lose cannons like; Karunanidhi and Chidambaram.

In the progress of Hindi lies of progress of the country, lies the honor of the country. Hindi is a symbol of the unity, strength and respect of the people of the country. It must be supported by all not resented by anyone.


Murders most foul in Uttar Pradesh: Akhilesh must go

                  Parmanand Pandey (General Secretary IPC)

The gruesome murder after rape of two teenage girls in Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh sends shock waves  across the country  and beyond .Any human being will shudder with the repulsion over the ghastly manner in which the two innocent girls were firstly raped and then strangulated to death . As if it was not enough ,the beasts were emboldened to hang those hapless victims to the branches of a mango tree. Their dead bodies were found hanging by their family members.What is most shocking is that when the parents of those girls approached the police to search their daughters, the policemen told them that they could get their bodies after two hours hanging to a tree. The police in the dispensation of Akhilesh Yadav could have become so insensitive was unimaginable. Instead of commiserating and sympathizing with the family members and immediately swinging into action they showed the utter irresponsibility and criminality in discharging their duties. 

 The Ahiklesh Yadav government has not only failed but it has shamed the state, the country and the entire humanity by its misdeeds and inactions. This government has done nothing for the people of state to alleviate their sufferings but it has certainly drowned itself in the deep vale of shame , which has further added insult to injury of the people by the stupid , heartless and mindless utterances of the Chief Minister and his family members.The Samajwadi Party, which has now become a rump  after the recent Lok Sabha elections and is confined to only the family of Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav has lost trust of all sections of the society. 

It may not the out of place to mention that during the recent Lok Sabha elections Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav defended the rapists and goondas by one of his idiotic and preposterous speeches in which he had said that boys will be boys. They will be committing mistakes. Even if they have committed the mistake of raping a girl, they cannot be put to gallows.” This is the clear mirror of the criminal mentality of a person who has unfortunately been the Chief Minister of a largest state of the country for three times. He also happened to be the Defence Minister of India for a short time. Responsibility, restraint and moderation is not the virtue of Mulayam Singh Yadav, his family members or even of the top leadership of his party. They do not know as to what they speak because they are intoxicated with power. These lumpens came to power not because of any leadership qualities or any ideological zeal but because of the narrow castiest and communal politics. Everybody knows how Mulayam Singh Yadav and his family members have sucked the state white and amassed wealth by diverting the state funds, arm twisting ,extortion and and bribe taking. 

Regrettably,this young Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ahkilesh Yadav has crossed all limits of puerility. When media persons asked him  why the state was not taking care of the safety and security of the people? He shot back on the reporter that have you also been attacked? When the media person replied in negative then the Chief Minister fatuously said, thank youCan it be the behaviour of a Chief Minister in senses? Most certainly NOT. It will be an understatement that the Chief Minister has failed to govern the state and if he has left any sense of self-respect and conscience, he should resign from his post and go for sel-introspection.

 The funny behaviour of his other family members and top leaders of his party further mercilessly rubs salt on the injuries of the people. His two other infamous uncles -Shiv Pal Yadav, who is a minister in Uttar Pradesh and Ram Gopal Yadav, who is a Rajya Sabha member have also defended the rapist and goondas. No amount of logic or persuasion can help these people to see the reason because they have blind with power. Shri Ram Gopal Yadav has blamed the media for the anarchy and law and order problem in the state. He unabashedly said that normally in such cases boys and girls fall in love with each other and when something goes wrong in their relationships then the girls give the colour of rape. 

Nothing can be farther from the truth than the senseless and shameless statement by this leader about the spinechilling incidences of rapes and murders. The other leaders of the party like Shiv Pal Singh Yadav and Mohd. Azam Khan do not lag behind in passing the senseless comments. It appears that there is a competition in the Samajvadi Party to make silly statements and steal the limelight for all wrong reasonsIt appears as if that even small time leaders of the party are vying with each other to make statements which please to their party bosses. 

 Uttar Pradesh is a cursed state. Sometimes dacoits make the hay while the sun of the politicians shines . Other times the general public is harassed by the goons and agents of two political parties namely; the BSP of Mayawati and the SP of Mulayam Singh . The story of these leaders is that of rags to riches. These leaders ,who were not in position to afford a bicycle when they started their political careers but now they have become the masters of thousands of crores of rupees in a span of less then twenty five years. These leaders, although, have been professing for Socialism and Dalit cause but in actual politics they have always played the politics of caste and creed coupled with insatiable greed to remain in power. 

The trends of the recent Lok Sabha elections have pleasantly and surprisingly dismantled all the cobwebs of castes and creeds, so assiduously built by the selfish and myopic leaders,be they from Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party or even the Congress Party. The emergence of the Narendra Modi by shaking and destroying the caste and creed equations to become the tallest leader of the country is, no doubt,a happy development. But in the meantime Akhilesh must go lock, stock and barrel at least for some years.

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