Kiss of love: open lovemaking

By: Shreepal Singh

I am provoked to write this piece by peculiar circumstances. My esteemed friend, and General Secretary of Indian People’s Congress, Shri Parmanand Pandey, Advocate Supreme Court, had published an article “Kiss of love” on this website. All material on this website is in public domain and some gentleman considered this article interesting and reproduced this article at his website. He seemed to find this article interesting perhaps in the context of an ongoing controversy on the subject of “right of people to kiss one another out of love publicly, or at public places”.

The article at that website evoked some public response and a number of comments were posted there. Many of these comments were severely critical of the viewpoint of Shri Pandey. Some of these critics even labeled Shri Pandey of having a mindset of bygone era of Stone Age.

We discussed the substance of these criticisms with an open mind and with an awareness of our world where it stands today. With the knowledge that we have at our disposal, we felt that we are more modern in our outlook than those who made the critical comments. We collated these criticisms with our understanding of widest spectrum of science (perhaps which could be the basis of terming a person modern or orthodox) and came to the conclusion that if a person makes love with another person in public place it does not make him or her a more progressive, modern or intelligent one.

In view of this, it became necessary to reply those criticisms and publish them. Shri Pandey wrote an article on the subject by way of our reply, and also quoted the present author there, to those critics.

In Europe or US making love is not a social issue but here in India recently the “Kiss of love in public” has evoked a huge controversy. It is raging on social media.

In such circumstances, the present author felt compelled to write these lines in justification of our stand on this subject. Let us go straight to the heart of the issue.

Kiss of love is an expression of love by one person to another. Love is one of the most natural emotions of humans. It is not limited to human beings alone. Love is equally natural to animals. In fact, love goes to the very root of life. It is inseparably connected to the protection and preservation of life itself, which is abundantly found in the living-world the form of love of parents towards their young ones. Love is the manifest form of the innate instinct of self-preservation. But love is not limited to its manifestation in the “care of parents towards their new-born young ones” alone. It is equally, if not more, manifested in the “sexual activity for procreation”. Here also it is inseparably connected to the natural instinct of self-preservation.

Let us come from the living world of animals and insects to the world of humans. When we come to love, humans are no different from animals and insects except that we are more evolved in comparison to animals and insects. As we have pointed out, love is the manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation; and love has a very wide range of spectrum. It seeks to strengthen group-bond in the strategic service of self-preservation. There may be love between mother and son; father and son; brother and sister; brother and brother and brother; man and woman; man and man; woman and woman. What is the common element among all of them? It is the mutual bonding to serve the goal of self-preservation. What is the difference among each of these relationships? It is the strategy to aid the goal, which is different in each case. This difference of strategy in the service of self-preservation is well reflected in the more evolved human society, which we call human civilization. Animals may have love culminating in sexual activity for procreation between brother and sister; mother and son; father and daughter; but it is not so in human society.

The context of the present controversy of “kiss of love” is about two adults making public expression of love. Nobody has ever raised an eyebrow over the mother making a public expression of love to her child; child to his or her mother etc. Why there is a social question only when an adult makes a public expression of love to another adult? Let us be honest: it is only because this love has an undertone of sexual activity for procreation. Those who deny this fact are hypocrites. Do we have courage to call spade a spade? If “kiss of love” has an overtone and undercurrent of sexual activity for procreation, what could be the reasonable objection to such lovemaking in public places?

If lovemaking between two adult humans has its spring out of the core of natural instinct of self-preservation with an undercurrent of sexual activity for procreation, let us go back to animal kingdom and compare ourselves with them. In animal kingdom, son and mother (or, father and daughter; sister and brother etc.) have sexual activity. What is wrong with it? With animals, it is not wrong. With humans, it is wrong. It is wrong because humans over the long time have come to evolved state; to a civilized social living; to a reasoned collective living. Open sex – and the open lovemaking ultimately leading to open sex – is per se unreasonable; and, there are thousands of reasons. Such public activity incites others to follow the suit. In modern society there are ill-motivated catalysts (like, corporates vested interest in promoting sex etc.), which make open lovemaking and open lovemaking leading to open sex an excessive and over-indulgent activity. Such activity spurs the breakdown of cultural restraints, which have been evolved by humans over the period of thousands of years.

Let us touch another point relating to this controversy. Nobody is raising any objection to lovemaking in privacy. Then, why at all there is concerted move to promote this act in public? Do you sense a rat? If you are aware of A, B, Cs of economics, you would not miss the culprit. The demand of the right to make love in public has nothing to do with freedom; human rights; gender equality; modernity; civilized temperament etc.

Those who have the means to promote the open lovemaking; those who have the vested interests in promoting the open lovemaking; and those who are so concerted in their moves to promote this open lovemaking, know more than you and me that the open lovemaking has everything to do with sex. They know that sex is the single most powerful motivator of human being. They also know that culture, religion, spirituality and their ilk are the single most powerful impediment to check, control and contain the human needs (in economics, called demands), which needs are very necessary for their manufactured products to sell. We all know Lord Jesus Christ has taught humans to limit their wants; Lord Buddha taught that control your desires. Hindu religious and spiritual books, saints andYogis all have taught to limit your needs and demands to achieve certain higher goals of human life. It all goes against those who want to sell their products and promoting consumerism, including open sex. But it is not easy to fight one’s culture, which is ingrained in human mind. So destroy culture etc. Those who are promoting open sex (openly or behind the scene) have destroyed the Christian culture of restraint in Europe and US. These same forces are today out to destroy the Indian culture to convert civilized humans into consuming animals. But culture is very difficult to be destroyed.

In power to motivate humans, sex is more powerful than culture. The family is centered around regulated sex. The family is the unit of civilized society. If you use sex as a weapon to destroy family, you destroy culture. And, with the destruction of culture, those who are promoting “kiss of love” aim to convert civilized humans into consuming animals.

If the open lovemaking is the indicator of human development and progress, then animals that make love in open are more developed than humans!


Kiss of Love movement: a sign of mischief and mental bankruptcy  

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate Supreme Court (General Secretary IPC)

I have received number of comments on my post ‘Kiss of Love or Kiss of Shame’. There are many comments, which are very enlightening, and their opinions cannot be ignored or lost sight of. Nonetheless, there are certain examples given by some of the commentators are outrageous and not in accord with the march of civilization.

I would like to inform that some Jain Sadhus certainly roam freely fully nude but they nudity hardly titillates any onlooker.
While kissing in the public certainly generates voyeuristic pleasure and sensuousness this cannot be said about Naaga Sadhus. I would also like to tell my friends that Jain Sadhvis (female saints) never go around naked in the public. At the same time, Naga Sadhus go in public only in groups on certain occasions. My information about them is that for nearly 360 days out of 365 days of the year they remain fully clothed. Except on the occasions like Shahi Snana, when they move in groups fully nude, they avoid going naked in public. While one symbolizes the complete control over sensuousness, the other eggs on that.

The example of women of some tribes who remain bare breasted is also very misplaced. These women mostly live in the impenetrable and impervious jungles, which are often secluded from other people. These men and women are still untouched with the breeze of modern civilization.

Do we also want to become like them? There are two paths left for us: one is either to go back to stone age and support for not wearing any clothes and the other, is to provide enough and appropriate apparels for everybody.

I do not find any cogent logic being advanced or put forward by some people for kissing in the public.

One-woman commentator has said that how can kissing in public be obscene and not pissing or open defecating? I really fail to understand how she has been able to draw any conclusion that I am justifying the kissing in public. I am as against pissing in public as anybody else but at the same let me hasten to say that pissing in open is not a matter of choice; it is a compulsion. Moreover, pissing in public hardly generates any tickling or tingling but on the other hand, kissing in public certainly does. Pissing in public causes repulsion among the people who see at it but kissing in public vitiates the minds of particularly youngsters.

While there is always, a choice to kiss in public or to kiss in private but pissing is not a matter of choice. Any person in his or her right mind would prefer not to make a spectacle of the lovemaking except, of course, by those who are of perverted mentality. Lovemaking is a pristine thing and those who are in favour of making an exhibition of it, I can only pity for them.

When I narrated these comments to my friend and my senior Shreepal Singh ,an Advocate in the Supreme Court, he told me that ‘these misguided young men and women are indulging into this shameless activity at the behest of some foreign agencies’. Another Advocate Subhash Sharma, who added that some foreign agencies were out to destroy the culture of the country, supported him. Both of them command respect for their independent and seasoned views. They say that once the culture of a country is destroyed, then it can easily be dominated.They have reasons to believe that the degenerating movement like, ‘Kiss of Love’ is being pushed with the same aim and purpose of crippling the cultural ethos of the country.

I tend to agree with the opinions of both learned Advocates. Indian culture talks very high of the Kaam(sex). The other sublime pillars of the life of the human being are: Dharma i.e., righteousness, Arth (wealth) and lastly the Moksh(salvation). The Kaam is one of the evolved pillars of the life. It contains the purity and that is why, it has been given so much importance. Nevertheless, like all other things in the life it must also be contained, controlled and regulated otherwise, it becomes licentious and creates perversion and law and order in the society.

Mr. Shreepal Singh was more blunt when he said that the difference between an animal and human being is of the ‘judiciousness’. Human beings always evolve to higher grades because of intelligence and mental capacity. An animal, a stray dog can copulate anywhere but not a human being because of the regulatory discretion of his/her mental faculty. He further elaborated that ‘every country is guided by the collective consciousness of the society. What is good for Afghanistan may not be acceptable in America and similarly what is practiced in America may be an anathema to India.

If the logic of the protagonist of the ‘Kiss of Love’ is accepted then why should there be any objection when two adults, say mother and son, father and daughter or brother and sister?Social mores and norms do not go only by the consents between two adults. The need is to awaken the public and when necessary the punishment should be given to those, who are going astray.

Kiss of Love or Kiss of Shame

Parmanand Pandey

The supporters of ‘Kiss of Love’ are seen wearing a shirt these days, which is emblazoned with a slogan that in India ‘you can piss in public, but not kiss in public’. Obviously, these ardent supporters of the ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign that is raging from Kochchi to Culcutta and Delhi to Dibrugarh believe more in demonstration of love than in true love.  You talk to them and they say that any moral policing on their public display of love is contrary to the Constitutional Provisions of the freedom guaranteed to citizens of the country. When you remind them about the provisions of sections like 292/293/294 of the Indian Penal Code,which deal obscenity, they will not only laugh at you but also frown upon you with most contorted face. By their facial expression, you can come to the conclusion that in their eyes, you are a backward person, not in sync with the winds of liberty (or is it indecency?) that is blowing in their hallucinatory world.

Needless to say, that these practitioners of ‘Kiss of Love’ have hardly any concern for the poor, illiterate and deprived sections of the society, who are underfed and under clothed. They will mock at Indian culture and will immediately start talking about the period of art and culture of Konark and Khajuraho. How true the Bard was when he said that even devils quote scriptures! Ask these mentally retarted ‘kissers’ to serve the sick and malnourished women and they will disappear like the horns from the head of a donkey.

The virus of ‘Love of Kiss’ spread from Kochchi (Kerala), when on November 2, 2014 a few scores of young men and women assembled to the publicly kiss one another. Thousands got voyeuristic pleasure from the shameless behviour of these people. This movement began with a Facebook page and within a span of few hours it was ‘liked’ by  more than a lakh persons. It has got the instant support from the authors like Anita Nair whose novel – ‘The Ladies Coupe’ is one of the best sellers. She (Anita) asks where has the moral police gone, when thousands of women are trafficked and children are abused? She has compared kissing as natural as breathing, drinking, talking and singing. She has gone to the extent of saying even fish kiss, so why can’t a man or woman? What kind of society we have that frowns upon love? May I ask her can the trafficking of women and abuse of children be stopped by the salacious display of kissing in public? No doubt, kissing and sex is natural but is it necessary to convert the public places into bedrooms? Can love be illustrated only through advertisements? Do men and women deserve to be compared with the school of fish? To my mind, it is unfair comparison.I am sure Anita has no reply except her obduracy.

What Anita Nair says or what so-called modern advocates of ‘Love of Kiss’ say is not only abominable and outrageous to the vast majority of people of the country but that depicts their abysmal ignorance about the cultural psyche of the Indian society. These kisser of love belong to the tiny minority, whose perversion can be witnessed from the fact that if that anybody opposes such mindless scenes, they pickup the quarrel and go to the extent of rampaging.

I have always believed that social websites have the enormous potential and they can be used for the betterment of the society but at the same time, they have extraordinary capacity to leave a deleterious effect on the society.More often than not, they are far removed from the prevailing realities. In many cases, we find innumerable social sites which contain pornography and prurient materials, which by no means can be said to be the part of freedom of an individual. If they ( kissers of love) have the freedom to kiss in public place, they cannot claim to have it by assailing the sensibilities of millions and millions of people of the country.

If we allow kissing in public today can we stop smooching and love making in public tomorrow? These misguided young men and women perhaps do not know that freedom to kiss in public is offending the freedom of large number of people in the society. If such freedom is allowed then what are we going to tell our children? What lessons shall we give them and what standards shall we set-up for them? If ‘Kiss of Love’ is allowed to be promoted at public places, can we ensure the protection of children? It is an odious logic that even in the absence of ‘Kiss of Love’ we have the cases of rapes and crimes. But when you analyze this logic then its hollowness is exposed. In spite of rigorous laws, crimes are taking place; does it mean that there should be no deterrent laws? This is funny and most ludicrous logic. These are the people, who will strongly support for the love making in the public places and parks, but when it comes to campaigning for removing suffocating practice of Burka or Hizab, they will chicken out. The  most stifling thing for the women of  the Muslim community is veil but so-called forward looking young men and women will keep stony silence on this volatile issue. This also speaks of their duplicity and bungling ,intents and integrity. Hiding behind the freedom of expression for the lumpenization in the society deserves to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The ‘Kiss of Love’ is nothing but classic demonstration of vulgarization and it needs to be opposed tooth and nail by every right meaning person.

International Yoga Day – (3) What is Yoga?

(This article by Swami Satyananda is taken for “International Yoga Day – in anticipation” from the Rikhiapeeth Satsang with thanks)

Guru is the one who shines like the full moon on a dark night. Guru is the one who has completely transformed his consciousness. Guru represents the highest stage of illumination for which we are striving. He lives in this world, but his spirit is always soaring in the highest dimension beyond space and time. Having completed his evolutionary cycle, there is nothing left for him to do, but help raise the consciousness level of humanity.

The guru tradition is not a modern one, it is most ancient. Even before the advent of man, guru existed in the form of nature which guided the seasons, the plants and the animals. Prehistoric and Stone Age man had gurus; the animists, naturists and idolaters had gurus. Those who practised animal sacrifice, who believed in abstract gods, who wanted to learn magic, siddhis and witchcraft had gurus. The guru tradition is not only confined to India. The Atlantis civilization had more gurus than any other civilization up to date. South America, Europe, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Tibet, China and Japan had gurus. The guru tradition is universal, but with so many wars and the ravages of time, it was gradually destroyed all over the world. No country was able to preserve it except India.

Preserving spiritual knowledge

The guru-disciple relationship is one of the most significant aspects of human development. This relationship forms the basis of all cults, organizations and institutions, whether spiritual or otherwise. When we think about the great cultures that have flourished in the past, as well as those in existence today, we realize that they too are based on this same vital relationship. All the traditions, arts and sciences have been handed down generation after generation from guru to disciple, master to apprentice, father to son.

The guru-disciple relationship is man’s link with the higher faculties, the greater dimensions of his being. Without it, we would be hopelessly lost in the external world of diversities. It is only the saving grace of the gurus and masters which guides us back to the inner source from which all our higher potentials emanate. This is why the great teachers have always been regarded as the cornerstones of higher culture. Without their knowledge and inspiration, traditions would not be enduring and culture would not last.

Higher culture

In India, we consider the gurus and rishis from ancient times right up to the present day as the light and strength of our cultural heritage. What they taught and wrote in the Vedas, Upanishads and tantras was not empty philosophy, but a complete science of living. They encouraged people to strive to fulfil their lives with abstinence, self-control, inner vision and self-knowledge. These qualities have a powerful influence on the whole society. If all people were to cultivate them, you can imagine the heights to which such a culture would rise.

Our gurus and rishis had in their minds the creation of exactly such a culture. After thousands of years of experimentation, they came up with a system by which every individual could reorientate himself and push open the doors of his perception. This is the science of yoga. Just as the potter fires his clay pots to make them strong, so yoga provides heat treatment for the vulnerable mind. It tempers and makes it strong enough to bear the upheavals of life.

Although the gurus envisioned an evolved human race, and knew that such a culture had once flourished throughout the world, they were unable to effectively introduce yoga into the society of their times due to the adverse political situations. So they remained in isolation and preserved the knowledge of this system for the time when mankind would again be ready for it.

The period in which the knowledge of the Upanishads and Vedanta came, when people were doing yajnas in the villages, was the peak of prosperity in India and one day the knowledge will return. It will happen again in India and at that time there will be no need for us to propagate yoga. We will not go to your door, but you will come to ours and ask where the guru lives. You will say, as many of you do say, “Guruji, we want to learn tantra.” “We want to learn asana.” “We want to learn the Yajur Veda.” “We want to do yajna. We have twenty lakh rupees.” This period is going to come in this country.

International Yoga Day – (2) What is Yoga?

(This article is reproduced from Rikhiapeeth Swami Styananda’s Satsanga for “International Yoga Day – in anticipation” with thanks)

Man is subjected to laws of evolution. The law of evolution is obligatory for each and every speck of this creation. Therefore, in order to reach the higher con­sciousness or higher stages of life, one has to fulfil the ne­cessary rules or conditions of evolution. There is a certain law of gravity with human destiny known as maya. It is a force which binds everybody to this lower existence. If you are not able to go beyond maya, then you have to remain bound to this lower existence.

In order to overcome the force of maya, you need an extra force in your life. This extra force is known as vidya, or higher experience. When you throw a stone high up in the air, it again comes down to the center of gravity, but if you give speed to the stone and throw it much higher than you did before, this stone can penetrate much deeper into space. Likewise, in spiritual life there are certain elements which one has to adopt in order to overcome the gravitational force of maya.

Maya operates through the mind. When the mind is clogged by ignorance, maya has a greater effect on you. Most of us are full of avidya, ignorance, therefore the force of maya is able to influence us through our minds and, as such, we are not able to have a higher experience. With the help of the mind, maya imposes lower instincts in our life.

There are three things you must understand – instinct, intellect and intuition. Instinct controls animals; all animal creatures behave, live and act through instinct. In human life there is a predom­inance of intellect, but at the same time we have instincts also. Therefore, in our human incarnation we are partly controlled by instincts and partly controlled by intellect, but by the practices of yoga you can operate through intuition directly. Higher human beings operate through intuition. Human beings operate through intellect. Animals operate through instinct.

What are the instincts? Acquiring food is one form of instinct, the instinct of self-preser­vation. Progeny or the sexual act is another instinct in animals, it is necessary for propagation and pleasure. The third instinct is sleep and the fourth instinct is what we call fear or insecurity. These four instincts are predominant in every animal, but animals do not know that they have them because they do not have intellect. Human beings also have these four, but at the same time they have intellect.

If you want to make maya ineffective, it is necessary to transcend your instincts bit by bit. It is very difficult to transcend instinct, but if you want to go high you will have to do some­thing, because the force of maya operates through the mind. Therefore, in spiritual life there are a few supports. First, is the support of guru, second is the support of satsang and the third support is swadhyaya, se1f-study.

Guru is the primary support. Satsang means association with the wise. When you listen to good ideas, it helps you. You may not be able to put these good ideas into practice, but they will definitely inspire you and help you. When you expose yourself to satsang, you are improving the vibration of your person­ality, and you are also initiating into yourself a process of self-analysis. The third support is swadh­yaya. Swadhyaya is a process of reading and studying the books which relate to spiritual life. When you make a study and read the books I have spoken about, it gives you a lot of inspiration.

When you want to heat milk you keep it near the fire. If the fire goes off, what will happen? The milk will go cold. If you want the milk to be heated, again you will have to put it on the fire. If you want to main­tain the temperature of the milk, you will have to maintain the temperature of the fire. In the same way, if you want to maintain your spiritual temperature you will need these three types of support.

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