‘Breaking India Project’ – Rajiv Malhotra and his labors

“Breaking India Project’ has been going on for very long. Even the concept of this project could be seen in the thinking and statements of Macaulay in the late 19th century, when he expressed his opinion that India, its people, their culture and thinking are based on a very deep metaphysical or philosophical thinking and that the same cannot be defeated and won over by the British, unless and until it is destroyed by the spread of English language and culture aimed at demeaning their self-esteem, history, culture, religions, social institutions, habits, way of thinking etc. In all the ernestness, soon the British employed this policy.

This danger was sensed for the first time by Swamy Dayanand Sarashwati and to counter this subtle invasion, which was more potent in its destructive consequences than their political conquest, he gave the idea of making Indian people available an alternative system of education. It was his foresight that DAV (Dayanand Anglo Vedic) schools were set up in different parts of the countries.

One should be acute enough in his or her observation to sense that this very resistance offered by Swamy Dayanand Sarashwati was further reinforced by Mahatma Gandhi by promoting Ashram, Dhoti (wearing cloth), cap, Charkha, Indian way of eating (vegetarianism) and thinking (chaste personal life).

This subtle invasion of India has lately been sought to be countered by Baba Ram Dev by promoting Indian way of thinking and Yoga exercise and meditation. This subtle invasion of India was also very brilliantly exposed by late Rajiv Dixit.

However, it is only Rajiv Malhotra, an expatriate Indian based in the US, who has conducted a deep research into this subject and in his works has laid bare the 21st century’s new colonialists’ systemic project of breaking India and colonizing it. The strategy of the new Avatar of Colonialism in the 21st century is: breaking India into pieces; swallowing the disintegrated pieces into its own cultural body; digesting all these good disintegrated pieces to make them its own part; and after re-packaging the digested lot, re-exporting them to India (and to other nations) as their own original product. The current item targeted by them for this process of breaking, digesting and re-exporting to other lands is: Yoga! Believe it or not, if Yoga ever gets craze and currency in modern times (because of its endorsement by the UN), it is going to be the Yoga of the colonialists and not of India! One can imagine, what a Yoga packaged by these masters would look like: a tool of sensual enjoyment!

Rajiv Malhotra is par excellence academician, research scholar, logician trained in the western tradition. Today, he is arrayed as one versus the entire fleet of the ‘Break India’ force. His Infinity Foundation is the hub of his activities.

It is really unfortunate that India – comprising millions of its ignorant people – does not know the fierce war he is waging today for the tomorrow of this land. He has authored highly researched books Indra’s Net, Being Different, Breaking India.

It is very good idea that his these three books are made available in every school, college and university in India for general awareness of the Indian people of the looming danger of our colonization once again. If possible for him, these books must be made by him free of copy right and available on net in pdf format. The present Government of India must help the spread of these books through out the country by whatever means possible.


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