“Breaking India Project”: Two cats and One monkey – the Hitopdesh story!

 Perhaps, everyone of us has heard the Hitopdesh story of two cats quarreling among them about sharing a roti and a monkey coming to them to resolve their dispute, and in the process at the end devouring the full one roti. Here in the “Breaking India Project” the cats are the quarreling Indians (over castes, classes and religions) and the monkey is…. ? …. (can you guess?).
In the global world today there is no place for “nations” and “nationalism” and yet everywhere there are fierce “nations” and their fierce “nationalism”. They will create “issues” (like human rights, secular values, environmental concerns) and export and spread them globally. They will create “agendas” (like democracy, rule of law, international protocol) and ruthlessly go to any extent proclaiming to promote them. Yet they will not allow you even think to create “issues” and “agenda” that may concern you, the other ones.
Colonialism, as we know it in modern world, came to put its feet in India in 1600 AD. Everybody knows the story thereafter. Nobody should be so naive to think the colonialism would repeat the same story in 21st century. Can you guess, what could be and should be its new Avatar in this century? It requires gray-matter to research it, it requires ingenuity to discover or invent it.
The new Avatar of colonialism in the 21st century does not come in the shape and form of the 1600 AD trading, meddling in your internal national affairs and ultimately conquering you in the war. It comes in the shape and form of “invented ideas” to set you apart in a quarreling lot of two cats. And, the proverbial monkey is lurking around to wait its moment. A the opportune moment, it will intervene to destroy your judiciary, legislature, bureaucracy, social fabric, cultural values! And, the rest will be the story that some future historians might write about.
We have collected some information about the ongoing progress and status report on the “Breaking India Project” of the “Monkey” from the internet resources to inform all of you, and particularly Indians.
By: (name is withheld to protect his/her privacy)
The Video has been uploaded on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vBvExh7-QY
“Her doctoral thesis explores the relation between dominant caste and territory in South India through a detailed ethnography of the Kammas of Andhra Pradesh, with an emphasis on their migration patterns and upward social mobility, from landed farmers to businessmen, industrialists and professionals. The aim of this work is to unveil the mechanisms of power and control that are used by the dominant castes to perpetuate their hegemony.”
In my view the documentary throws mud at the Kamma Community. The Documentary also reveals she has a Leftist/Marxist background.
There was also a thread in this group several months back about this Documentary. Today I chanced upon her Facebook Profile.
A little bit of searching/analyzing revealed how deep she has penetrated the Andhra Society. Following are the findings:
1) She follows the usual suspects Teesta Seetalvad, Shabnam Hashmi, Vrinda Grover,  and John Dayal amongst others.
2) The Hindu has published an Article about her in January, 2008.
Why would an Indian newspaper provide column space to an Ordinary French Citizen. The Hindu is known
for its anti-Hindu rants and also aligning with the left and the Abrahamic Religions.
The Video in youtube was uploaded on November, 2013. The Indian Left it seems has made global connections.
In this case the red carpet was rolled out to her and she did her dirty work
In any case one should not be surprised that Leftists maintain a global network.
3) The Article in Hindu claims that Dalel Benbabaali in in love with an Indian IAS Officer and plans to marry him soon.
Excerpt from the Article
“Yes, I am in love with an IAS officer and hope to marry him soon”, she says, dipping her eyelashes, shyly.”
(Indians(readers) fall for such mushy nothings..)
A Foriegn National can always be driven out if found doing anti-national work, but what if she marries an Indian and settles down here as an Indian Citizen and on top of that she’s marrying an IAS officer, an alliance that could get her access to power.
I am not sure if she is married to the IAS Officer now, her FB Profile does not reveal it. However it seems
that Breaking India forces are Evolving, they are penetrating deep. In the Article she is Photo Graphed alongside Chandra Babu Naidu, the current CM of Andhra.
4) On FB I see that she has taken up the Issues of Polavaram Dam and Adivasis(its the term she is using). Leftists world over have always opposed Dams, it’s their
bread and Butter. Here she brazenly tells that Dam is for Rich farmers from Andhra and Tribal Farmers in Telangana would be displaced.
Already Telangana and Andhra are at loggerheads with the Partition of state resulting in a lot of Bad Blood, not to mention how hastily the Bifurcation bill
was passed in Parliament without proper discussion on the Nitty Gritties.
On Social Media, I came across a few posts that had posted her Youtube Video. These were supporters of YSR Party(Headed by a Christian),
Leftists and one of them was Dalit Activist. Looks like her work will gather steam in the coming years. She is providing fodder for a Societal Conflict.
India is not perfect, yes we have problems but such Breaking India Mercenaries should not even be allowed on our territory.
We can solve problems on our own. I hope the Current Indian Government comes up with a strong law and a good tracking system to remove such cancerous individuals.
I have attached Images from her FB Posts and Bio from LSE Anthropology site.
One way is to approach some favorable Leader in Andhra and expose her Anti-India work to them.
I shall document my findings and I shall try to reach out to them via some contacts.
Is there any other way to inform the Central Government about such Activists??
By (name withheld for his / her privacy):
I disagree that the extremity of violence is unique to India. What is unique to India is the reporting of such violence.
Western media outlets, for example, have strict guidelines (usually self-regulated) about showing gore and blood. Ever noticed the difference in how the Indian media reports a violent incident – be that a rape, murder or a terrorist attack?
A few days ago, someone on Social Media was similarly going on about he has never seen anyone rape 6 month old children anywhere but in India. Took me 30 seconds to find him links for similar such depraved events even in the US/UK/Europe. One such man in the US is even on deathrow for that crime. I’m sure you’re you can dig them up via Google.
Also, I am in no way justifying that since we have a lower per-capita or per-100k rape statistic, we are fine. We are not fine, and things can get better, but we need our own solutions, not a change sponsored by the Western Media and/or the India JNU affiliates.
We are a society sensitive enough to express outrage over such crimes, to such an extent that many fellow Indians feel the need to support a Western film-maker with an obvious White Saviour Complex. And how can you say that a society like the UK, for example, with over 85000 rapes, and in addition to that, 80% of crimes not being reported isn’t barbaric and brutal? What about their Members of Parliament, and Royal indulging in paedophilia?
Some additional reading for you:

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