Saffron censorship: BBC Propaganda against Hinduism

 By: (name withheld to protect the privacy of the author)

The BBC 4 radio documentary on saffron censorship  summary is a propaganda against Hinduism.
I was appalled  to listen to the above  with presenter  Zareer Masani and producer Julian May.
Doniger  claimed books  (Mahabharat and Ramayana )  are  epics and not  history, that she was outraged with the  law suit against her calling  them ( Batra and  a couple others) as Hindus  fanatics.  RSS  was labelled  para military Hindu organization  and when  the presenter questioned  artisans from various fields in India, they answered claiming attitudes these days are restricted to puritanism of Hindutva. 
 Romila Thapar  said  that the  hindutwa  calling  themselves the Sangh pariwaar is unhistorical and politically dangerous.  She addressed Sangh pariwaar  as syndicated Hinduism,  a politically motivated  election machine to have  borrowed the structure of Semitic religions of conversions,  easy to use which can either turn  into  fascist way or completely subvert essentials of the whole Hindu culture which is one of accommodating plurality.  
Journalists ( I can name a few) feel  a new threat  of censorship being imposed by government and that cultural regression and moral policing is rampant.   

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