US Court: Yoga has nothing to do with “Hindu Spiritualism”!!!

By: (name withheld for privacy reason)
A US court has ruled that Yoga classes in an elementary school in California do not endorse Hinduism or violate students’ right to religious freedom and are “devoid of any religious or mystical trappings”.
A three-year grant from a nonprofit group promoting Ashtanga yoga, provides twice-weekly, 30-minute classes to the district’s 5,600 students. They argued the school yoga programme was inherently spiritual and, therefore, unconstitutional. According to court documents, the court had to determine whether the school district’s institution of the Yoga programme as a component of its physical education curriculum “constitutes an impermissible establishment of religion in violation of the of the California Constitution”
What I don’t get is how yoga is not spiritual? If yoga is spiritual in core then it is also unconstitutional!.
(Yoga is an ancient discipline, which has a very precise and specific purpose to serve in the life of humans. It conditions the practitioners’ emotions, physical body and thoughts geared to achieve that goal. It is mystical to human mind and spiritual in content. By trying to divorce Yoga from the Indian kind of spiritualism (Hindu Yogis, Buddhist Shramanas and Sufi Fakirs etc.) to a secular physical exercise, the US court seems to have given a helping hand to the process of the Western Digestion of Indian Yoga.)

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