Indian ‘Atrocity Literature’: Is the West preparing ground to attempt a ‘regime change’ in India?

 By: Shreepal Singh

Shri Rajeev Srinivasan has written a two articles-series in the online journal First Post that must make India sit-up and take note of the emerging alarming fate accompli like situation for this country. These articles go into depth of the motives that make the US-Western alliance to consistently create ‘atrocity stories’ and paint India as an evil-head. It is a prelude to the much bigger plot to prepare the ground for a compelling case of international intervention and to attempt a ‘regime change’. These articles make out that this exercise on their part is not a kind of first experiment in such things. There are many precedents of this kind of thing in a very recent past and the author names them for the whole world to examine.

Before giving the links to these two articles for your reading, let us point out certain very serious issues that this author has brought out in his articles. Also let us emphasize the need for India to identify and weed out the moles and agents of these foreign inimical forces embedded in our society in very powerful positions in the name of ‘protecting rights of women, Dalits, minorities, concerns for secularism, environment etc.’

The author very poignantly says:

” This is a dangerous pattern, as we saw in the case of Iraq. It is the old tactic of declaring a dog to be rabid and then shooting it. It has been going on in the case of Russia, and it is a work in progress in India’s case. You may think I am a Cassandra, but the logical end-point would be sanctions and economic warfare, and in the worst case scenario, an actual attempt at regime change, all in the name of democracy, freedom of expression, and other such motherhood stuff that the West is fond of mouthing. I think it’s unlikely, but stranger things have happened.”

In their design these Western forces are not working all alone in India. They have Indian collaborators present here, who have their own private interests in view while serving the interests of these foreign masters. After an initial fear of Modi and his grand designs for India, that was going to impinge on their private designs, these conscious /unconscious agents seem to have probed the lurking danger and found it baseless. They are out and emboldened.

“After an initial frisson of fear that Modi would discipline them and curtail them, the ancien regime are now feeling their oats. After all, even the most villainous traitors in the MSM (mainstream media) are strutting around; the first-class thieves in the bureaucracy and government are still not behind bars. They have concluded that Modi has succumbed to the BJP disease of seeking approval from the secular. Modi is vulnerable, they calculate, and they now see him as a one-term prime minister, with 2019 being their comeback year. Hence the idea of delivering a coup de grace, diverting attention from necessary legislation, and sending Modi on the defensive, while essentially foiling his entire agenda.”

Should India remain defensive in the face of this plain onslaught on all that is India? No, India cannot afford to remain defensive, if it wants to come out as a single piece. There a few suggestions by the author:

“What, then, might be the appropriate Indian response to the deep state’s assault? When I first wrote this, I was appalled by Leslie Udwin and the BBC. But then I realised the film-maker didn’t matter, and that she was merely a pawn. The BBC? Well, it is in the fine company of The Economist, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, and pretty much every other Western publication. Their animosity towards India, and frankly, their racism and religious bigotry, are pretty standard, and they differ only in degree. It is difficult for India to eject all these media types wholesale, but I can think of a few ways in which India can indicate its sharp displeasure. Libel and defamation laws, for instance.”

We think, India and Indian government need to discipline itself. First the disease inside, before we complain of these foreign forces, needs to be attended. As Modi has rightly said, “We have only one religion: and that is India. We have only one holy book: and that is Constitution,” India needs to be religiously fanatic to serve the interests of India. Nobody should be allowed to shame us for their concocted atrocity stories. We have many weaknesses in our society and we shall correct them and improve ourselves; but we are better than the accusers! Far, far better.

Click the link and read the article (1) titled:”US Deep State and ‘India’s Daughter’: Is India now part of a new ‘axis of evil’?”

Click the link and read the article (2) titled: “The Western Deep State’s assault on India – and what to do about it?”


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