History has been twisted in India

By: Santanu Dey

History of Indian independace struggle that has been so skillfully fabricated post-independence is a total bunch of falsehood. It varies marginally as it appears in the curriculum of various states. There are just four/five names in the list of achievers of Indian independence viz Mr. Gandhi, J. Nehru, Sarojini Naidu (these three names are fixed in all states) and added to them would be one or two names of local characters who have had some contribution (but definitely did not have any direct role) like in the case of Tamil Nadu the name of Subramiam Bharati (the revolutionary poet) would be added.

So any young Indian of today if he or she is asked about Indian freedom struggle and its leading heroes would name only those first three names that have been fed to them in their curriculum.

I do not think there has been any other country in the world where the national history has been twisted with so much of falsehood like it has been done in India. The sole purpose of this whole effort has been to highlight a particular individual so that an image is created of that individual in a way that any descendant/progeny of this individual is an unquestionably accepted leader of the nation, even if this descendant / progeny is a total duffer; or is a person even of foreign origin (who keeps her foreign citizenship for not less than 15 years after her marriage) .

I think time has come to tell the real history of these unsung heroes of Indian freedom struggle who have remained totally neglected. A nation that does not remember its selfless heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice without thinking about the fruit of independence would have to face the wrath of providence.


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