Why does Modi make so many foreign trips?

By: Asha Knott
Why does Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, make so many foreign trips? Any answer? There has been going on much criticism by political forces opposed to Modi on this count. Any answer? Please read the following, if you love the rising of India as an international power to reckon with, you will not be disappointed after reading this information.
First a few fact:
1. Jawahar Lal Nehru – 16 years 286 days
2. Indira Gandhi – 15 years 91 days
3. Rajiv Gandhi – 5 years 32 days
4. Narasimha Rao – 4 years 11 months
5. Manmohan Singh – 10 years 4 days…..
In these total 57 years, these people could not get “Achche din”. The heir of Congress wants “Achche din” in just 12 months. What a Shame! Trying to be-fool people of India? Again and again, and once more?
Now a reality check:
In Modi, we have elected a prime minister and not a magician.
Why is Narendra Modi making more foreign visits ? Here it is “why”:
1. Now Barack Obama and China supports India’s bid for permanent UNSC seat.
2. $35 billion investment by Japan over a period of 5 years and along with it their expertise in making bullet trains.
3. Australia is set to sign a Nuclear Power deal with India to supply around 500 tonnes of Uranium to India.
4. Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Indra Nooyi (Pepsico), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) discuss possible investments in India.
5. Israel inks $5 million deal for Joint Educational Research programme.
6. $20 billion investment from Xi and his Chinese counterparts.
7. 2 Billion Euros support from France for sustainable development in India.
8. Airbus to increase outsourcing in India from 400 million euros to 2 billion euros over the next five years.
9. French National Railways has agreed to co-finance an execution study for a semi- high speed project on upgradation of the Delhi-Chandigarh line to 200 kmph.
10. Canada agrees to supply 3,000 metric tonnes of uranium to India from this year to power Indian atomic reactors.
11. Japan and India agree to jointly produce mixed rare earth.
And while we are all yearning for a transformation, development, etc. There is someone who is actually setting up the
infrastructure for it!
Marketing of ‘Brand India’ has never been so important!
Number of days Modi stayed abroad touring:
15 countries as a PM on official trips = 45
(Compare it with the number of days Rahul stayed abroad (Bangkok) without informing his voters = 57).
Let’s be sensible to analyze & make a judgment for ourselves.
Specially , let them analyze these facts who question about modi’s foreign trip.
For the last few days, I have seen few jokes on Narendra Modi’s foreign visits. And all people are curious to know why Narendra Modi is visiting so many countries. What India is achieving from these visits?
Few not-so-known achievements of Modi are as given below:
  1. BJP Govt. convinced Saudi Arabia to not charge “On-Time Delivery” Premium charges on Crude Oil – Young Petrolium minister Dharmendra Pradhan & External affair minister Sushma Swaraj seal the deal.
  2. India will build 4 Hydropower station + Dams in Bhutan (India will get share in Green energy will be produce in future).
  3. India will build Biggest ever dam of Nepal (China was trying hard to get that) – India will get 83% Green energy produce from that hydropower station in free – in future.
  4. Increased relationship with Japan and they agree to invest $30 Billion in DMIC (Delhi – Mumbai Investment Corridor).
  5. Increase relationship with Vietnam and Vietnam now agree to give contract of Oil exploration to ONGC-Videsh (UPA was not ready to take because they are worried of china – major conflict on south-china sea).
  6. Increase Oil Import from Iran despite there is ban by USA. Iran agree to sell in Indian rupees and it save our Forex. India didn’t stop to build “Chabahar” port of Iran.
  7. India – Australia (NaMo is first PM to visit Australia after 28yrs) Despite Australia is major supplier of Coal & Uranium. NaMo able to convinced Tony Abbott and now Australia will supply Uranium for our energy production.
  8. China favoring President lost election in Sri Lanka – Remember UPA lost “Hambantota” port development – read latest report of CIA where they mention RAW has major role in power shift of Sri Lanka. Now Modi has confirmed he is visiting Sri Lanka in April.
  9. With China as Trade Deficit was increasing – NaMo force either Anti-Dumping will be come soon or China have invest into India. – China commit $20 billion Investment in India.
  10. On Security – I think adding “Ajit Doval” in his team is the best decision by NaMo. See the recent tie-up with Pantagon, Israel & Japan. Remember I.K.Gujaral as PM stop RAW’s offensive operations in foreign countries.. Now see how we stop ‪#‎TerrorBoat‬ and listen his word … “Any Mumbai like attack from Pakistan and Pakistan will lose balochistan”
  11. India approve the Road in North east and around India china border – Remember Just because China’s oppose ADB (Asian Development Bank) didn’t give us fund during UPA regime and UPA hold that file under “Environment Ministry” node – Remember “JAYANTHI TAX” ?
  12. India manage to bring back 4000+ Indians from War zone Yemen and also bring foreign nationals of 41 different countries which put India’s name globally in rescue mission – PM Narendra Modi specially talk to Saudi Arabian king and tell him to allow Indian Airforce planes to fly – as Saudi Arabia was attacking on Yemen and Yemen sky was declared NO-FLY Zone.
  13. India’s Air defense was getting weaker day by day, NaMo has renegotiated Rafale fighter Jets deal with France and bought 36 Jets on ASAP basis.
  14. First time after 42yrs Indian Prime Minister visits Canada, in Bilateral deal, Indian able convince to Canada to supply Uranium for India’s Nuclear reactors for next 5yrs. It will be great help to resolve India’s Power problems.
  15. Till yet we were buying the Nuclear Reactor from Russia or USA and it was much like Bagger kind of situation because they were worried about usage of Nuclear reactor for some other use. Now Narendra Modi able to convince France and now France will make Nuclear reactor in India. On MAKE IN INDIA efforts.. with collaboration with Indian company.
  16. During 26th Jan Visit of Barak Obama, NaMo convince USA to drop rule of Nuclear fuel tracking rule and sort-out Liabilities rules which now open the gates for next 16 Nuclear power plant projects.”
We should be cautious of this fact:
The paid media and Presstitutes will ensure you never get to hear this. It is for the people of this country to spread the word about these achievements. And, yes the information technology has made it possible to spread the word among the common people, notwithstanding its suppression by this media.



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