A campaign against Yoga in India: Take a notice

By: (Name/s withheld for privacy reason)
There are lots of reasearches done on yoga and its benefits. You can start with research done on Transcendental meditation. TM is nothing but yoga. Maharshi Mahesh yogi had to call it TM because people were confusing yoga with only Asanas. refer to this video –
This link gives the list of  experiments done on TM and its benefits –
TM is used by American army, schools etc to address stress, cognitive thinking etc. Please google and find links to the same.
There are several links to research done on yoga and meditation in prestigious universities like Harvard….google it.
 The first experiment on yoga in a laboratory was done in 1973 on Swami Rama who demonstrated that a human being can control involuntary functions of the body can be controlled by yogic techniques.
The results have been published in Britannica encyclopedia of science 1973.
I also hope Home ministry digs deeper into sources of funding of Nirmukta. It attacks only Hinduism and scrupulously avoids targeting Christianity and Islamic principles. Rationalist thinking in society is their objective !!
Here is an article that appeared on web regarding scientific status of the benefits of Yoga for curing diseases.
Now ‘curing diseases with Yoga’ claim
should be verified, deeper issue is on the basis on quackery claims the
article tries to downplay the use of Yoga for metal health at least. If anyone familiar with medical studies can comment on the studies cited
in the article that would be useful.

I find that since there is no institutional level support for a systematic / thorough study of our traditional wisdom whether it be Yoga/ Meditation / Herbal plants/etc., it has given rise to all sorts of quackery who sabotage serious scholarship as well.

No, Yoga Does Not Cure Any Disease | Nirmukta

Do We Need Yoga? | Nirmukta

The Organisation Nirmukta seems to be floated by either the Indian Congress workers or by the Roman Catholic Church in India. or even both in partnership.  One needs to dig deeper and investigate carefully the antecedents of this group.
These are subtle wars being fought out like fifth columnists. The Roman Catholic Church runs a highly intricate well-funded and well organised system of information collection throughout the world. A French Consulting group had done extensive research on the functioning of the RCC in the eighties and nineties and presented a report in the annual conference of the Organisation called SCIP (Society for Competitive Professional Intelligence) in 1996 at Belgium.
The French Consulting group is  named  as “EGIDERIA” and the Report is titled “What Can One Learn from the Intelligence System of the Roman Catholic Church” They go on to mention that such an Intelligence System is the envy of even the best Five star Multinational Corporations and that there is no organisation in the world with such an intricate system of Information gathering.
The Report mentions that every Parish Priest is an Information gatherer .  This report is presented to create awareness in  the  general public of the type of funds and strengths that this group is able to get.

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