New York Times: Again at its anti-India game!

 By: (Name withheld for privacy reason)

 New York Times writes: “Saving the Cows, Starving the Children”   in India.
I am not completely familiar with the specifics of this issue and whether or not it is true that the administration is starving the children of indigenous and tribal communities even of eggs. If true, this would amount to sheer hypocrisy because many affluent urban dwellers who identify as Hindu these days eat meat, if not beef, and definitely consume eggs either directly or in the form of cakes and pastries, take capsules constituted with animal protein, etc.
But what I would like to know is: What the hell is going on at the NYT? Have you ever seen them pursue an agenda of such single-minded negative propaganda towards any other nation, with a blog section devoted exclusively to an overwhelmingly dismissive and sneering tone of coverage (of India)?
How long would a NYT journalist in China last if she regularly reported on their resettlement of peasants, or their indulgence of industrial espionage, adulteration of consumables, and so on? Why, right next to India is a genuine basket case of a country. Why don’t they have a blog page titled “The Perdition that is Pakistan?”
What makes India so uniquely deserving of the NYT’s brand of journalistic proctology? If you notice they do not allow online comments under most such articles so the readership never gets to consider and discuss a contrary opinion on the article.
Mark my words: this is slowly but surely influencing how Indians are widely perceived.  The accumulated arsenic of contempt will surface one day or the other in unforeseen ways if the Indian community keeps silent about it and withholds other points of view. At the very least Indians should come together to express their collective concerns to their Public Editor.


Saving the Cows, Starving the Children


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