ASI: Destroying 1000 years old temple in Tamil Nadu

By: Rangarajan Arangan

Hindu Temples, which are 1000s of years old are getting ransacked.  Old inscriptions, symbols and procedures are changed.  HISTORY IS GETTING REWRITTEN!

Shri Subramanian Swamy is doing all that he could to prevent as much as he could, as a single man army, to question the administration of temples, especially in Tamil Nadu where the Hindu Rights & Charitable Endowment Act is in place which seemingly has an agenda of its own to disrupt and distort history.

One such temple which is of great importance to Vaidhikas is Shri Ranganatha Swamy temple in Srirangam, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.  This temple is a place where Shri Ramanujacharya spent 80 years of his life in defining Vishishtadvaita.

The temple has a minimum of 1000 year of history as Shri Ramanujacharya’s 1000th birthday is just a couple of years away, and so one can imagine the historical importance. To highlight if further, the Archaeological Society of India has published one separate volume of book on the inscriptions found in this temple.  No other temple has this distinction. More than 700 such inscriptions are documented.All that is good for history.

But what is happening today on the ground is destruction of this history.

This possibly is a first step to rewrite history.   In the name of renovation ancient structures are being demolished.   With what one knows about the work and their approach, they are not even documenting these demolitions by video recording them.

This happens right in the middle of day light, where the locals are unable to question the authorities because of their high handedness and the soft nature of the locals who’s lineage has been in the service of Shri Ranganatha Swamy, in this temple for centuries together.

Many rituals are being stopped, hurdles created, and high handedness shown on anyone questioning anything. Already two Mandapas where there were paintings which were written in the past were demolished.  History GONE!!!  My intention for this post is to bring this to your light and seek your inputs to see how to stop this destruction. I intend to fight this legally and have initiated a series of RTIs in this regards which I will post in my blog at Arangan Thirumutram as and when (if and when rather), I receive a response.

I am already getting threats from the temple workers for questioning them and in the past week I was mobbed by about 20 workers in the temple in the day light with threats to beat me up and break my hands and legs.

While all we demand is TRANSPERENCY in the way things are happening, reasoning for demolition/modification/construction, there is very cold response from temple authorities.  When I spoke to Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) they said that they can do very little as they are not wanted by any.  While they are entitled to “protect”, they are unable to do so for various reasons as is obvious to any of us in India.

If you protect this temple, there cant be any construction to about 200m on all four sides of the temple which is a huge negative for the authorities to come in and protect the temple.

They quote a recent happening in Thiruvannamalai where they faced the wrath of many in protecting the site.While creating awareness of such happenings is a motive for this post, the key motive is to gather support to prevent what is happening as we speak now which will result in destruction of history which spells glory of our past.


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