Wendy Doniger – A sex-obsessed woman tries to teach India

By: Ragini Sharma

How ridiculous. Wendy Doniger is dealing with her own repressed/obsessed sexuality and that of the prudish Euro-Christians she represents.

Its laughable that she is preaching sexual freedom to Indians, the land of Kamasutras. She needs to analyze why the Catholic priests are continuing their sexual violence on minors and why US is the land of pedophiles and pornography which targets children in poor countries, which she chooses to ignore.

The type of nonsense she calls academic writing appeals to the racist ideology that she and her cohorts subscribe to. Does she not know that she is a laughing stock of Hindus who can see through her racism?

Yes, Hindus are hurt and angry too – but they are turning that into taking action to expose her hollow and shallow academic work. She is the Eliade Chair? On what basis? Eliade wrote extensively on Yoga.

Does she know anything about Yoga or Patanjali – beyond her sexual obsession or is it her vanity that she thinks she knows it all.

Under Patanjali’s sutras, her state of consciousness would be Avidya – or ignorance, which is giving importance to something that is not importance, which is her obsession with sex. She also suffers from Dwesha or hatred towards Hindus based on racism. Plus there is her Raga or craving for fame, even it is based on hate-mongering and false propaganda against Hindu literature.

The entire corpus of her work is a result of an ignorant mind. Patanjali calls this kind of virtue – Viparyaya – its the activity of the mind that leads one to impose and project your own views, ideas and feelings on others.

She needs to go meditate and repent on her sins against Hindus. In conclusion, message to Ms. Doniger: please stop imposing your sexual perversion on India.

I think we can handle our own problems. Instead, you and your parrots are needed to counsel the American Govt and others about the rising sexual violence and perversity in your own country.


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