India must plug its loopholes to command respect!

By: Aditya Malhotra

It is interesting to note the Mexico angle in the current economic slowdown and uncertainty. While I do believe there must be a strong influence of the Church on the government of USA, I do not believe it would be over riding when corporations want to make profits or at the same time that can be looked in isolation of geo-political constraints in the world.

Business fundamentals ultimately drive commerce between countries.I do not think Mexico has a chance of providing the same stability and demand as compared to China.

Do not forget China is one of the biggest holders of government securities in the US. It is also the only country presently to drive growth in the world.

No country, including India would want Chinese economy to sink. It will be catastrophic if that happens.

Not only China or US,every country today respects strength. It wont be an aberration to say today “Strength respects strength”.If you are weak,you will be either subdued (like the Russians) or “digested” of all your original thoughts,  discoveries and inventions, and leaving you of an image of a wretched eternal borrower from others. As it is rightly pointed out,we must invite respect.

India has seldom been an agressor in its history. This is one of the reasons why countries think they can do anything with us and get away. And when they do they tend to think they are supreme. Aggression here doesnt necessarily mean war,it also means propaganda and also effective deterrance.

I still cannot understand what is the ideology of India and how it wishes to sustain it.

A country must not demand respect, but be worthy of it. If you dont respect yourself, do not think anyone else to respect you.

Just because India has a billion people,it does not qualify for respect. Respect can only be achieved when the majority of the billion is unified in ideology and direction.

No one will come and elevate India,the country has to do that itself and must think of international action ,only as a supplement,not as the driver of eleviation.

We still have a long way to go.

(Addition by Leena Mehendale)

While agreeing with the views of Aditya Malhotra, I would mention  two more factors — one is of Christianity, other of Sanskrit.

America is also influenced by the church and “Theory of supremacy of Christianity”  under which lots of efforts are under way to break India and to end Hinduism.

It will be perhaps easier to break india than to break china — at least the latter is not on the agenda of christianity.

Today chinese people are fast taking to christianity but without losing their Cultural thread. If there is a strong state of China in future, steeped in christianity, then both America and Pope will welcome it.

In India the conversions are happening more out of compulsion of poverty. So the christian religion leaders have to focus more on India and hence America will not drift to India unless we agree for large scale conversions including the rich and the elite.

Secondly the treasured knowledge of Bharatiya people is too big — through sanskrit Granthas and the Hindus can recapture it with much less efforts  unless it is completely under western Intellectual Property Rights.

Thus the tenacity of Indians for non-conversion is higher for which again the pressure on Political America is from the religion America to keep India as adversary while accepting China as a partner.


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