PM Modi’s welcome at Silicon Valley is opposed by Wendy Doniger etc.

By : (name withheld for privacy reasons)

Please read the list of names signing the petition below. Some observations:

None of them have tech background, yet they are claiming to be policy experts on tech advising authorities what is best on the matter.The list of western nexus leaders has no surprises; if anything many of them now choose to remain unnamed publicly.

But the list of Indian sepoys has expanded and now has many new members including younger scholars. This is part of the trend to recruit more Indian who will lead the fight, while the white folks guide from the background.

Thats how British sepoys functioned as well. Please note these names. Note how easy it was for Richard Fox to mobilise Indian sepoys who did not even to think independently and investigate for themselves because the white man gave orders to start firing. You should expect more of this.

Sadly, 99% of the Hindu leaders in India and overseas have no clue of the sepoy army – who they are, who/how/why they get training, etc. Hence many Hindus fund, invite, sponsor, read these very same sepoys.

What does that tell you about the level of leadership and whether they are sufficiently informed to become leaders?

You should expect very soon that Indian sepoys will now be rapidly “made in India”. Sepoy training has infiltrated Indian institutions right under the nose of our leaders, and in many cases they are inside the organizations claiming to defend Hinduism. What an achievement for them!

Yet most of us continue to evade the core of this problem by going on blaming outsiders.

(Note: It is a Faculty Statement on Narendra Modi Visit to Silicon Valley. As faculty who engage South Asia in our research and teaching, we write to express our concerns about the uncritical fanfare being generated over Prime Min……. a video posted to oppose according fanfare welcome Indian PM Narendra Modi).


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