A dishonest “The Hindu” refuses to publish Rajiv Malhotra’s response to an article published against him

By : Rajiv Malhotra

Some weeks back, I had a phone chat with Ravi (brother of N. Ram who owns The Hindu) over the defamation against me in their newspaper recently. He sounded very open minded and even sympathetic to the points I raised about bias and defamation.

He told me that he was no longer the editor and had turned that over to his cousin Malini Parthasarathy who is the new head. Had he been editor he would have printed my response.

He asked me to email him the same points I had raised with him, so he could pass his recommendation to her. I promptly did that.

But there was no response. So I followed up – actually 4 times. He would pass on my emails to her asking her to respond to me.

Then he suggested that I write to her directly and i did. Still no response or even acknowledgment from her.

Ravi did mention something about there being a “past” encounter I had with their op-ed people, as if that ought to colour their newspaper’s treatment of issues. They are supposed to be objective and honest on each issue and not biased against some person they might have had an issue with in the past.

Today there is a response from the man in charge of filtering reader responses. Pls read it. He gives typical bureaucratic “cover his ass” defensiveness on why he does not have to print my response. Its his right to “exercise editorial prerogative”, he says.

But what about all their talk of journalistic ethics? Free speech? Claims of level playing field? High standards of fair coverage? His article below proves what I have been saying: there is a media mafiamisinforming Indians on a very large scale.

They are above criticism as they control what gets said, and those who disagree have no recourse.

This is worse than politicians who are corrupt because the media can go after them (at least on a selective basis), but who will go after the corrupt media?

I was informed by someone that Malini Parthasarathy owns about one-third of The Hindu media company. Not that she earned it but inherited it. Yet these are the same folks attacking birth based privileges.

At least I can say I did not inherit a single ruppee. Whatever I achieved has been hard earned, with no “family contacts” or “networks” of privilege or pedigree to boast my way ahead…. All hard earned.

But on the other hand, what I have inherited is far greater than what Malini inherited. I inherited dharmic values, ethics, honesty – the things all her family money can never buy.

Further addition by: Gaurav Dogra

The Hindu Exercising its editorial prerogatives:

There was an article today in the Reader’s Editor column where they take a high moral ground describing their “science” of journalism based on : truth and accuracy; independence; fairness and impartiality; humanity; and accountability.

After serving these homilies they harp on exercising their editorial judgement & social responsibility to minimise harm.

This is their typical way of turning upside down the whole issue from free speech  as indispensable in democratic discourse to verbose hogwash of “affirmative action” of rejecting a “spurious” request to “reduce destruction and impairment of democratic institutions”

It says -“Shiv’s critique of Malhotra was particularly trenchant but so too was his criticism of Malhotra’s Western critics and the Indian liberal left”

This is a big fat lie. Even a cursory reading is enough to reflect the tone and tenor as well as underlying agenda that the Vishwanathan purports to further.

Read on the most interesting argument -“The newspaper’s right to exercise its own judgment on the need to give space to a self-proclaimed impugned party, must be protected especially in a climate where frenzy is building up on social media virtually dictating an agenda of political and cultural priorities to the media, demanding compliance. We must be careful not to feed into this frenzy or to legitimise it in any way”

That sums it all. Social media is actually discrediting their plans to manufacture public opinion through their garbage ideology.

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  1. Santanu Dey
    Sep 06, 2015 @ 14:46:05

    The Hindu is a paper, which is a disgrace to its name and should be rejected by all self-respecting followers of Hindu Dhama. One can well understand the motive of the Times and some other groups engaged in News trade in India given their colonialistic background but this group is really an anathema, which is difficult to fathom.



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