Amnesty International manufacturing Atrocity Literature in India

By : Mallikapatllola

When there is no atrocity to whip up outrage, Amnesty International in India manufactures one.

Amnesty India report made sensational claims about two dalit girls sentenced to rape by an un elected council of upper caste men, because their brother eloped with a higher caste woman. This horrible diktat was supposed to have been issued by village council in UP’s Bhagpat region.

This story was picked up by British Media and it went viral. The Independent of UK wrote 2 stories about thison its front page.

And a petition put up by Amnesty International was signed by 260,000+ people. It was also reported in Time, Russia Today and in Telegraph on Sept 3, 2015.

Reuters today Sept 3, 15 reported that “The village council is actually more than 80 percent female and headed by a woman who, like the sisters, is from the bottom of the caste hierarchy.”

The Dalit woman chief denied having any meeting on these girls and said that there was no order at all.And the Police Superindent Sharad Sachan said that there was no evidence of any such order being issued.

Note that none of our Media wallas deemed to find facts on ground and instead this slander was repeated later in Indian news papers even though the place is close to Delhi.

After adding to the narrative of the high caste rapist Indian male stereotype, Amnesty said that it did not investigate the case nor did it visit the village.

Still they plan to continue the petition.”Gopika Bashi, women’s rights campaigner at Amnesty International India, said that despite the doubts cast over the story there were no plans to withdraw its petition” With likes of Aakar Patel heading Amnesty International India, it is not surprising to see these kinds of hit jobs.

However,will it be possible for a lawyer to sue Amnesty for slander and defamation on behalf of the Village? This village is in UP’s Bhagpat region.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Sep 06, 2015 @ 14:37:02

    These international agencies flush with propaganda money from Evangelists’ funds are hellbent upon fomenting trouble in the Indian hinterland to justify their heinous conversion machinary just in the same manner they have wreacked havoc in one after another tiny countries in Africa who before the advent of these professional Evangelist conversionists were living in peace happily following their own lifestyle and their own faith. It is hightime that these filthy wretchs must put a stop to their villainous act or continue in the same vein and wait for the ‘Nemesis’



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