Mr Devdutt Pattanaik, please stop writing rubbish about Jain and Hindu enemosity!

By : Sanket Patil

Mr Devdutt Pattanaik has written an article available at the link below.  It talks about the enemosity between Hindus and Jains in India and this article likens Hindus “silent terrorists” so far as Jains are concerned.  The writing here is a reply to Mr Devdutt Pattanaik by way of a comment to his article.

Mr Pattanaik, please stop terrorizing us with your articles! You are committing violence with your pen!

Persecution with either the sword or the pen are equally violent and cannot be justified.

People are much better informed about Hinduism, Jainism and vegetarianism than you because they practice it and know the nuances of it. We do not need you giving your expert advise on Hinduism, Jainism etc.

We know Wendy Doniger is your Guru – the hypocrite who demeans Hinduism with her vulgar books and still has the guts to say that she is inspired by Hinduism.

We know very well what you intend to achieve by your half baked articles. You first started publishing/writing without stoking any controversy just to get established in the field. Once you won the people’s trust, you showed your true colors by writing anti-Hindu articles.

This fits a well know pattern (“pseudo liberal”) and kudos to you, you have aced it!

Please do a thorough introspection of your views. We Indians know our own History better than these Wendys, Pollocks, Nussbaums and other so called “academicians” whose only job is to demean India’s history by creating and promoting fault lines where none existed.

My humble request to you to stop playing into their hands – we already have a lot of other problems that we need to care of, if we are to emerge as a powerful nation.

I will reiterate one more time – you are acting like a Sepoy – a brown skinned Indian who is being used by the whites to intellectually subjugate the common masses.

Devdutt Pattanaik’s article is titled:

Hindus are “Non-violent Terrorists” now?

Link to his article is:

Addition by: Manish Maheshwari

It is stunning beyond belief that a subversive anti-Hindu slimeball like Pattnaik has managed to get himself appointed as advisor to Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

Mr Ambani is a world leader in one of the most ruthlessly politicised businesses (crude oil / petrochemical) in the world. Yet he is utterly blind to the anti-Hindu academic/political subversion being carried out right under his nose.

The Hindu mind is truly weird. One half of it is world class and the other half is undeveloped.

Further addition by: Rajiv Malhotra

Young generation Indians want to discover heritage but dont have a clue.Hence quack “experts” on “Hindu myths” get consultancies to teach heritage.

They parade their links to Western scholars as proof of credibility. This is how things work.

Media friends help boost their credibility.

The Indian industrialist in a given situation enjoys the benefits of networking with elitist Westerners. The Western Indologists provide them that affiliation.

This is why Western Indology has been aligned with industry, government, church.

Please go back to Breaking India and study the links across western academics, government, church, industry.

Understand what each gets out of this and what each puts into it.

Believe me, I dont know anyone else who has uncovered this nexus and the broad set of links with so much depth and clarity as I have.

Addition by : Mallikapatlolla

Let people like Devdutta Putnaik be court Historians of Mukesh Ambani, but the people like us must not buy his books and in all online forums expose him and his Guru Wendy.

This is happening in case of Sheldon Pollack.

When IE published Rohan Murthy’s article praising ancient Sanskrit, netizens questioned his commitment to Sanskrit because of his funding to Hinduphobe like Pollack.

I do not think this is a simple case of misunderstanding on behalf of Ambanis. This business group is well connected with the elites of US. By giving prominent position to Wendy’s Child he is securing admissions to his grand kids into Ivy Leagues.

This is how networking helps and this explains why British were able to rule us.

Sections of Indian elite are firmly with the WASP establishment, Narayana Murthy’s SIL is an MP in Britain. And he gives 100 crores, 200 crores to foreign Universities and still wants free/subsidized land from Indian govt. Land banks of some of these IT companies make REIT’s blush.

Our elites are very mercantile, unless their Hinduphobic actions are exposed and causes them financial pain they will continue to shill for Pollack, Putnaik et al.

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