Beware! Yoga is being digested by the West

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By : Madhavi Lakhwani

The logic, that ‘though physics was invented/discovered by a christian scientist it doesn’t make physics christian’, can not be applied to argue that Yoga is not Hindu.

Yoga is one of the Shad Darshanas (six Darshans, Darshana wrongly translated as philosophy) of Hinduism, whose main text is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Do we have any ‘principles of physics’ that are said to be a part of the ‘philosophy of Christianity’?

The ‘Yoga Sutras’ reflects a compilation of yoga practices and principles ‘rooted in the older Vedic tradition’.

Do we have any evidences to show that ‘physics was a part of the christian tradition’? (on the contrary, Scientist like Galileo were persecuted by Christians for their respective works.)

Patanjali is not the inventor of Yoga. The Yoga Darshana line, of which he is part, goes back to Hiranyagarbha, who is related to Vedic teachings.

Lord Krishna is regarded as the human avatar of Yoga.

In many other Yoga traditions, Lord Shiva is regarded as the original teacher of Yoga.

Even the Marxist historians say that the Pashupati Mahadeva in the Harappan seals is represented as sitting in a yogic posture.

Have we ever heard about Jesus practising/teaching physics….?

Sam Harris in this video –

is suggesting appropriation, that the followers of Abraham religion should disassociate mindfulness meditation (vipassana) from Buddhism and use it.

And many respected dharmic gurus also suggest the same.

Just quoting Rajiv Malhotra’s concept of cultural digestion-

“The term “digestion” is used to describe the widespread dismantling, rearrangement and assimilation of a less powerful civilization into a dominant one.As with the food consumed by a predator, whatever is useful becomes assimilated into the predator’s biology, while whatever does not fit the predator’s needs is eliminated as waste. The West superimposes its concepts, aesthetics, language, paradigms, historical template and philosophy on other civilizations, positioning these as universal. The corresponding elements of the digested civilization become domesticated into Western thought, are reinvented as the intellectual property of Western civilization, and cease to exist in their own right. The result is that the consumed tradition, similar to the food, is destroyed; whereas the predator gets strengthened.In harvesting the fruits of other civilizations, the West has often destroyed their roots, thereby terminating their ability to produce any more bountiful harvests. Native Americans and European pagans are among numerous examples of such previous digestions into the modern West.”

Yoga is Hindu and Hinduism is open to everybody. In Hinduism an atheist (if you wanna call) has the same respect as a theist. We dont kill or recommend killing of apostates nor do we have a history of persecution.

Our Indic traditions have the most diverse ideas, we give UNCONDITIONAL respect to other religions (of course, Shri Rajiv has suggested that it should be mutual respect).

Indic traditions believe in discourse (in India we have a debate on national security!! There is a ‘for and against’ for everything; we also have human rights for terrorists).

Indic traditions encourage exchange of ideas, for example, Adi Shankara used  ideas from Buddhism to rebut Buddhism and he also rejected Samkhya.

Similarly yoga is also open to be used by anyone who wants but it is not open to digestion. You can not take away yoga from Hindus, re-pack it with intellectual property rights and export it to Indic traditions.

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By : Mallika Patlolla

There were a few references earlier regarding Jaggi Vasudev and his ideas enabling digestion.

However this idea of Yoga ‘Belongs’ to Christians keeps popping up again and again.

K: “Since the god in not just a representative of Hindus he also belongs to Christian, Islamist, pig, dog, alliance, cosmos, sun, moon and everything including god.”

Response: According to Hindu world view, Divine mother has become every thing, but according to the Abrahamic world view Man (not woman) is at the top of the pecking order and has been given domain over other life forms.

Abrahmic concept of God is someone who forgives all Sins of people who believe him and not believing him is a Cardinal sin for which a person is condemned to Hell forever.

So, according to Church Jivanmuktas like Sri Ramana, Sri Ramakrishana are destined to Hell. That angry anthropomorphic God is to be feared.

Quite the opposite of Hindu concept of Eshwara (God) who is a Karma Phala Data. read:

K: “Let us keep our identity as an Hindu to save our geographical, material life.”

R: Frankly, this guru is causing a grievous damage to Hindu community by limiting Hindus to a small geographical area. Also Sadguru Characterizing Hindu as ‘anyone living between Himalayas and Indian Ocean’ is very problematic and incorrect.

10’s of millions of Christians and Muslims do not consider themselves  Hindus and are actively converting Hindus to Islam/Christianity by unethical means.

It is sad that the ‘Sadguru’ is silent regarding this evil. It is adharmic to let intolerance win over tolerance.

As Swami Dayananda Saraswati says tolerating intolerance is no virtue.


K: “When you say yoga belongs to Hindus today, similarly you may say that gravity is Christian, if not this time then in your next birth in America. But the gravity, not yoga nor vedas, still works for Hindus/Christian/ISIS (Islamist)/Jigathi/Al Qaeda/Buddhist/pig or a mosquito or to Abishek”

R: Yoga is a Para Vidya and Gravity, Quantum Physics, -ve numbers, zero are all apara Vidya. And more important, Yogic world view is antithetical to Abrahamic world view.

And it cannot be reconciled without dismantling Prophetic world view, Nicene creed.

To practice Yoga one has to observe the Yamas and Niyamas and lead an ethical life.

One cannot be an ISIS genocider and be a Yogi. Nor can a Nazis be Yogis or benefit from Yoga.

I am surprised that JV’s disciples seem to confuse Para and Apara vidya.

A brilliant Surgeon/Engineer can be amoral, unethical and Characterless, but a Yogi is always of impeccable Character. An aspiring Yogi has be ethical else he/she will not make any progress.

Here I am talking about the traditional meaning of Yoga, not just the Asanas as is understood in US.

By: Surya K.

Here are some points:

(1) Gravity as an idea originated in a Christian world but did not conform to teachings of Christianity. Galileo faced persecution by the Church for his heretical concepts. In some sense, concept originated in the Christian world in spite of opposition from Christian thought.

(2) Yoga as a concept is inherent to Indian way of seeking divine.  Dharma traditions seek understanding by methods which are embodied: through inner search rather than seeking outside.  Abrahamic faiths are incompatible with Yoga because, for them, God is outside his creation, separated from humans.  Abrahamic faiths tell us that you need prophets to access God: no direct access for humans.  Abrahamic faiths are religions of the book – they are disembodied.

(3) Yoga is not merely exercise.  Let us not equivocate and change its original meaning.


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