How a Dalit proponent full of hate and rage is not open to reason: A syndrome

By : name withheld for privacy reason

I went through the whole three ring circus with Mr A, a Dalit proponent (name withheld for privacy reason), and he is blind to any realistic evaluation of the situation.

All he does is send you more and more of emails about Ambedkar and stats about how dalits are oppressed.

I told him  caste discrimination was declared illegal in India since 1954, so why was he blaming Hindu higher castes for something illegal.

I told him that India as a whole had accepted the inferior position of dalits and scheduled castes and taken serious steps like reserving places in schools and jobs and special funding for dalits. Including the very higher caste Hindus he likes to blame so much.

I told him no reputable Hindu body or Hindu leader has ever come out in support of discrimnation against dalits, and that pretty much all of them have denounced such discrimination.

Therefore, one of his aims of getting the Hindus to say such discrination is wrong has already been achieved. I told him criticising the Hindus as a whole was tactically wrong, as there were many Hindus who had little or no contact with dalits and therefore no opportunity to discriminate against them, such as children, housewives, retired people etc.

I told him there was discrimination against dalits among the Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, so obviously this was not a Hindu issue as such but a social evil.

I told him if the situation was so bad as he reports, then dalits should leave Hinduism en masse and become Buddhists or Muslims and the matter of Hindu caste discrimination would not exist.

I told him maybe the dalits should take the revolution road, and start mass attacks on the Hindus who are oppressing them. After all, they have over 160 million people.

I went on to sweep every corner, and he was not satisfied.

I conclude that he is a jackass moved only by blind rage.

What he wants is for the whole Hindu population to  say we have been wrong to discriminate against dalits, and we will change our religion and get rid of any scriptures that show prejudice against dalits.

I told him that was ridiculous and will never happen.

Millions of Hindus, in India and in foreign lands (where they have no dalits as such) would never agree to that.

He doesn’t listen to anything. It’s a dialogue with the deaf with him.

Even if you put a rope around your neck and hang yourself, he will not be satisfied until you get  800 million Hindus to do the same.

I ‘ve got better things to do in this life than arguing with fools.


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