How secularism is solution to a Western problem, which doesn’t exist under Dharma in India

An article is written on News Gram titled “Secularism -Western: Dharma,  Indian solution: Rajiv Malhotra” at the link below:

In response to this article a comment is made by Deafdrummer as follows:

Wow!  Excellent article.

I just had my head blown off-top from this!  It took me a while to figure it out, and I think I had most of this issue with secularism (as I had been an American secularist for a long time) largely understood when I read about this particular topic in Being Different this past week.

This article NAILED completely the understanding of secularism, and why it’s not a good thing in Dharmic civilization, because it is NOT NECESSARY because of Sanatan Dharma’s inclusive, pluralistic nature.

Superimposing a western concept of separation of Church and State onto Dharmic civilizations is a misunderstanding of what Dharma is as opposed to SD or sampradāya, mata, or pāntha, AND the misunderstanding or lack of awareness regarding inclusivism/exclusivism and pluralism/singularity characteristics of religion around the world.

Now I understand fully why secularism (Western) is a problem, because it is a Western solution for a Western problem. It doesn’t apply to a Dharmic problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.


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