Robotic universal human unemployment looming large

By : Shreepal Singh

The World Technology Network ( is a community of the world’s most innovative individuals and organizations in science,  technology, and in related fields.  It is launching the first World’s Summit on “Technological Unemployment” on September 29, 2015, at the Time Life Conference Center in New York City.

It is how they introduce the theme and the need to hold such summit.

Accelerating technological unemployment will likely be one of the most challenging societal issues in the 21st Century.  Never before in history are so many industries being simultaneously upended by new technologies.

Though “creative destruction” , in which lost jobs are replaced with new ones, will be a factor,  our newest technologies have the clear potential to eliminate many more jobs than we create.

With technology advancing at a geometrical pace,  robotics,  artificial intelligence,  3D-printing,  and other innovations with enormous disruptive potential will soon hit the mainstream.  Billions of people worldwide are currently employed in industries that will likely be affected – and billions of new entrants to the workforce will need jobs.

While much has been written about the coming collision of rapidly advancing technology and an increasingly displaced workforce (a recent Oxford study predicts 47%  of  US jobs gone from technology within two decades), there has been no structured attempt at any level of government,  academia,  or industry to define,  address,  and even begin to conceive solutions to what may well be the greatest threat to our social fabric in the years ahead.  Until now.

What do you guess of the future?

Do we need to change the way we share our planetary resources?

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  2. occupysonoradan1
    Sep 29, 2015 @ 21:34:56

    It seems to me, that this taking away of employment is injustice…wrong.

    Something, some solution, should be done to prevent this negative development from affecting the lives of so many Humans on Our World.

    I am assuming here, that most of those who would have been Production Workers in factories, that are prevented from working for a “living” by this Artificial Intelligence application, would not have the means to provide the necessities of Life for themselves and their Families.

    This should not be. And the solution will probably be a combination of actions by the Sovereign Peoples:
    (1) Reduce births, so that there will be less mouths to feed and less demand on resources.
    (2) Make the artichines the property of the People in National Common Wealth Structures. The profits from the work of these artichines to be distributed Fairly among the People. Corporations to become subject to this part of the solution.
    (3) Develop Education in the ways of living good lives and becoming good Citizens without the toil of commodity production. We should all become skilled at something that enhances the beauty and goodness of the diverse parts of Our World Civilization.



    • Authors of posts
      Sep 30, 2015 @ 09:54:42

      Excellent comment, indeed. Dear brother, you have located the real problem and the only solution available as of today. The question is how to get together all those people who think like this and to make them come under one banner. Any idea?



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