Leftist Spiritualism? What is this Left, Right?

By : Shreepal Singh

Leftist Spiritualism?  What is this Left,  Right?

What is there in words?  A nonsense!

To animals,  words may be different notes of sound;  but to humans,  they have meanings.  Words have their historic origin. What are these Right and Left?

Left is that which takes the initiative;  the initiative to take steps to do something.  Right is the reaction to that initiative;  reaction to adjust oneself with the new push of the initiative.

Left is innovative,  demanding,  eager and restless. Right is resisting,  passive,  obstructive,  and unwillingly reforming under compulsion.  Left is revolutionary.  Right is reactionary.

Ordinary people,  world over,  are always in the need of basic necessities,  and that is for many reasons, and they are always demanding.  Ordinary people by their very station in life are Leftists. The people who are in a position to provide them those necessities,  by the very nature of their station,  are Rightist.

Spiritualism is Leftist.  Spiritualism concerns itself with the intentions,  motive and conduct of individuals.  Spiritualism is humanism. Spiritualism is not this-worldly;  it soars for something which is beyond the reach of humans, though yet.  Spiritualism calls for sacrifice;  it calls for renunciation.  And Spiritualism is not religion.

Spiritualism is a seed,  which when planted in different kinds of soil, place,  environment grows into plants and trees of different flavors, though of a single seed.

While the seed,  the inner content,  is one,  it can be grown into plants and trees of infinite flavors.

Spiritualism is revolutionary.  It demands change; the change of drastic nature;  the change of comprehensive nature.  Spiritualism opposes all that which insists for a status quo.

Capitalism is materialistic.  Materialism is Rightist.  It concerns itself with this-worldly reality.  It concerns with the grabbing of the desirable things of this world.  It aims at getting what is not available;  if available,  getting more;  and more. It is greedy.  It opposes change, the moment it gets comfortable with its position.  It is reactionary.

Capitalism is Rightist.  Spiritualism does not approve and support Capitalism.  Those who are on the side of Spiritualism,  let them pay heed to this truth.


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  1. Parmanand Pandey
    Oct 05, 2015 @ 15:29:52

    Very enlightening article.

    Parmanand Pandey



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