Reason why every human worth his/her name should be a vegetarian!

By : Stephanie Ellison

I’m going to stand on my own pedestal here as I’ve been a practicing vegetarian for over 22 years and vegan for 17 of these years (11 years this time).

It is this simple.

Rituals, scriptures, smṛtis are not necessarily the whole story.

They point to the idea, a particular house on the street.  You’ve heard about this house, its description…

But how do you know what it’s really like inside if you’ve never been there?

What happens when you kill an animal?

Victim who is killed – the life is taken away from him.

Everything, everyone, the process of working towards mokśa is taken away from him.  He has to be reborn into another body to pick up from where he left off.  Meanwhile, he has to go to school again and go through childhood and life again to pick up where he left off.

His parents – will feel the pain of losing a child.

What is the first night like without her child?

Can she sleep at all?

What is it like to jerk up from deep sleep to dream state to waking state upon remembering that her child is dead?

The pain of the loss rushing back just as hard as the first time…

Wanting to SCREAM!!

His children – feels the pain of losing their father.

What is that child’s first night unprotected in the open like?

The fear, the pain…  The agony!

His mate – the pain of loss envelopes her.

What is her first night like without him laying down beside her?

Will she even want to find another mate ever again?

His friends – the shattering of their lives with shards of pain.

They can no longer play and be with their now-dead friend.

The fear that they might be next creeps up on them, on everyone in contact with the victim.

Now, let’s talk about YOU.  YOU!

You who killed an animal will have blood on your sanskāras.

What about the fear as the animal realizes that he is to be slaughtered and hears the screams?

How do you cleanse the sanskāras out if you are a westerner unaware of Hindu culture (say, you are a redneck in the backwood USA)?

You will come back in some way to live the experience of the other side of the killing, and you will NEVER go home until you clear the saṃskāras out!

Will you experience every single one of the positions of all the animals who were killed and those who knew them??

You will be victim, parent, child, mate, friend, family!

sliili ufoo lu zxgtlm blfi hsld gl blf!

You will be shown the full horrors of your actions!

Cursed you are for not upholding your dharma and not allowing the full potential of civilization’s manifestation.

Cursed are you for tainting and stinking the sacred bodies you were given to realize your path to Self Realization.

Cursed are YOU for leading your children unawares down this path.

Cursed are you for carelessly trashing MY planet and hurting it with your high-minded modern civilizations.

Cursed are you for enslaving man and animal alike and for treating them and Earth as though it was a mere possession for the taking.

You will never leave this planet for as long as you are not ready for moksha, and what you did, you will experience the flip-side.

Please be aware that you will not necessarily know when karma befalls you; it could be something immediate like tomorrow, intermediately like a year from now, a year before you’re dead, or far out there like some other life in the future.

You will have that “uh-oh” hanging over your head in this life and/or that life.

Until you clear out the saṃskāra somehow.

This is what befalls every single killer who kills and eats animals.

During my sādhanā during the years before my SD awareness, I had to work on my guilt as a hunter and eater of animals.

Yes…  I have killed and eaten animals.

I have carried the guilt, and I have had to acknowledge that I know what it is like to wake up in the middle of the night, rocking and crying because I realized what the fawn’s first night might have been like upon losing her mother that day.

It is a NIGHTMARE to know that I did these things, and I do not know if I will ever leave this earth for good because of my deeds in this life, and despite my efforts to sense, acknowledge the power of my deeds and their effects, acknowledgement of the harm I have caused, and to cleanse out the saṃskāras.

I do not know that it is enough to have experienced what I have experienced, or whether I have to come back to experience the opposite side for myself, or whether I was indeed someone killed in another life, and I came back to work that out as the hunter instead of the hunted.

But it is there.

What is done is done.


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  1. Stephanie Ellison
    Oct 15, 2015 @ 09:35:12

    Hmmm! Wow, thank you for posting this here from the group. It is my post that I made in that group. Praṇāma!



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