An unpalatable truth about Indians!

By : RajivMalhotra

Problem is that there are 100s of millions of fools so how can we go on educating each of them?

Spent 25 years but only a minuscule portion have got the point.

Even if you go this point, what about so many other points where you remain full of opinions but simply have no experience based knowledge.

Problem is deeper – the vast majority of Indians are unable to think for themselves, do not read or cannot read more than simple short messages.

The samaj has degenerated mentally due to 1,000 years of slavery.

Hence they are a nuisance to try to lead, because they will go on and on and  on acting in ways that are counter productive to our – that is, their own – interests.

Fools will back other fools to lead so the cycle continues.

They easily get co-opted by whosoever offers them feel good intoxicants.

They are unable to get out of comfort zone and do hard tapasya for any prolonged period.

It could be simply too late to salvage this kind of degraded society.

Hence breaking into smaller and more easily digestible modules of India as a nation could be inevitable.

Surely one will be told not to say such things as it disturbs many people – as if he is there just to entertain, make you feel good and boost low self esteem.

By : Harshvardhan Thakar

I believe this is a generic problem for Indians in all fields.

I am an engineer and am in a management position in a startup in Mumbai, trying to make electronic products rather than just provide services.

I would like to highlight the problems I face in the technology (Embedded Systems – Product Dev) field and this is not very different from what Mr. Malhotra has experienced over the years. Ofcourse I am just 6 years experienced so I have a long way to go.

Mr. Malhotra rightly pointed this out in his tweets saying that Indians are manual laborers in the tech field and not owners.

1.) The main observation I have seen is that most people in India are very scared of something new. Even if they like the idea, the first question is “Is this working in US or Europe?”

2.) Useless and Endless Advice and Suggestions :: Whenever we have taken a new product to various potential customers (industrial), we receive endless advise. Some low level management fellow or worker will try to tell us how to improve the product or what should the company do and try to show that he/she knows much more than I do. Initially we suffered a lot because after we made the change, there were either more suggestions or no response.            Now we take a stand, “This is the product. Please take us to decision maker”.

3.) Inability to take decisions or think :: Most of the top industrial giants have management who are unable to take simple decisions. They are always fearful of taking wrong decisions. Simple devices that just take in analog data and transfer via some digital medium are being imported from Europe, US or China. Shirking responsibility of decision-making is key to middle management in Indian business houses.     Now slowly over time, our products are proving themselves in the field in other countries, so they are being accepted in India.

4.) Many Experts have no or little Practical Knowledge ::  There are many so called experts with only theoretical knowledge. They may quote some IEEE papers and some theories. But If I ask them practical questions as to how to realize the concept in circuits, some inane answer is given and they escape. Finally in the end they will say use the Seimens PLC or some existing product and reverse engineer.

5.) Single Man with a Grand Plan BUT “You” do the work:: Then there are these individual men with a small business. Having a small business is not a problem but they come to us with schemes and a grand plan of how they can replace the German products in the market with “OUR NEW DESIGN”. “It is so simple”. The idea is good in theory, but when I waste about 2 weeks doing some background research and come up with the techno-commercial proposal, the person runs away claiming that the price is too expensive and time taken is too much. They want the results NOW with Zero investment.

6.) Research = Andaaz = Jugaad :: There is simply NO research in electronics in India. Even application level is lacking. The field engineers responsible for using the product in the system are clueless about the system and working. The What, How, Why etc are not known nor does anybody care. 1000’s of dollars are spent calling the European, Chinese or US field engineers to sort out the issues if any. The Indians do not even know what are the issues. They only know “It is not working”.            If the Foreign field engineer is too expensive, some jugaad or patchwork is applied. If that fails, no one bothers if the system does not work. The excuse is “Even the Imported product does not work. What can I do?” OR Worse “See the Indian solution does not work. It spoiled the Imported product now we have to buy a new one”.


After this endless cycle of running behind customers with random and vague responses, we have come to the conclusion, that making new products for Indian market means it must be proven outside India and they must be cheap. The external enclosure must look similar to the European product of similar nature. We do not entertain the advice or spend time on irrelevant people who just blab with no understanding even if He / She has years of “Experience”. We have to excel without any assistance or support. “The product must prove itself abroad first and that will give the confidence to Indians in India to embrace the concept.” My company survives due to European companies who have understood the product for what it is, and not some external feel good marketing campaigns that Indians succumb to.


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