Indians need shock treatment to awake them!

By : (Name withheld for privacy reason )

I have read the book “Being Different” by Rajiv Malhotra twice already. I am going through my third reading now because I feel it is such an important book for Indians to read.

I truly believe Rajiv Malhotra has created a Masterpiece with “Being Different” and want to express my deep appreciation for his many contributions, which I liken to a modern-day Einstein in the field of Hinduism.

My goal is to build up sufficient intellectual ammunition to truly launch into the kshatriya wars. With two Master’s degrees in Engineering from the US, I do know the value of reading non-fiction books thoroughly end-to-end.

I am committed to mastering Sanskrit, which I think is essential for every Indian to do. Those who doubt the value of this statement,  let them read “NASA report on Sanskrit”.

I often wonder what would happen if I approach my next speech with the question “How many in the audience know and understand Sanskrit? I would like to see a show of hands.” I fully expect only about 5-6 hands to go up in an audience of about 100.

That could be an important segue to totally embarass the sitting crowd – to chastize them on what they have become.

I believe that Indians need to be fully embarassed in public frequently – to show them that their lives don’t work, and that they are in danger of becoming digested permanently and for all time.

I feel the urgency just as many do – I can see that Dr. Swamy does as well – but there are so few and there is so much work to be done.

At the end of “Being Different”, Rajiv Malhotra brings up the topic of an Open Spiritual Specification (OSS).

That resonates deeply with me – having worked on the original Java spec  and seeing where that has led the industry.

I believe Sanatan Dharma or Indian Spiritualism to be the “uber-Java” that can ultimately rescue humanity – I dont see Islam and Christianity reconciling their differences anytime soon, and neither do I see Judaism providing that “overarching” framework that can hold humanity together.


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