IHC invites Ashok Bajpeyee: Feeding the Crocodile by Modi government


By : (Name withheld for privacy reason)

Here’s another egregious example:


This literature festival is being hosted at the India Habitat Center (IHC) and one of its sponsors is the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

IGNOU is run by the ministry of HRD while IHC governing council includes representatives from the government of India such as a secretary from the ministry of Urban Development:


In other words, the government has a lot of influence on this literature festival and is provident money through sponsorship from the IGNOU.

You will be pleased to know that among the authors invited at the festival is none other than Ashok Vajpayee.

Yes, the same guy who was challenged by intellectual kshatriyas in Toronto recently while he was engaged in India and Hindu bashing.

The same guy who embarrassed this government by returning his award.

Joining him at the litfest is another of his fellow award-returnees, K Satchidananda.


It’s mind-boggling to see that a so-called right wing government being vilified for stifling dissent is in fact continuing to feed these same crocodiles.

This also demonstrates how powerful the intellectual infrastranurtured and developed by the Congress and leftists is.

The same academic-intellectual-bureaucratic mafia that ruled India under Congress continues to operate unchallenged under this government, and is likely undercutting the government in every possible way.

Minhaz Merchant wrote an excellent article about this government’s lack of developing a counter intellectual network that is relevant here as well:


If the government does not address this issue,  it will not succeed in delivering on anything.

Even if it does deliver on the economic front, the media-intellectual mafia will make it lose the perception war by keeping the public discourse focused on its failures and communal unrest, and simply not allow the government to communicate its economic performance.

This will then lead to Modi’s defeat in 2019.

                                     PART TWO

By : (Name withheld for privacy reason)

If one goes thorugh the reading material IGNOU supplies to its students one would find its so hopelessly/ sub-standardly written and too full of Hindu bashing!

I have studied via IGNOU recently and I can say this with experience.

                 PART THREE

By : (Name withheld for privacy reason)

It’d be an extremely sad reflection on the political savvy of this government if someone had to actually bring this to their notice.

Do they not know that they have to reward their supporters and punish their enemies?

What next : do we also have to teach them not to give milk to poisonous snakes in their own garden?

The contrast with how ruthless the Congress is in exercising power could not be clearer. When Congress came to power,  there was an immediate Stalinisque purge of all right wing office holders previously appointed by the NDA. They started nurturing and rewarding their supporters right away.

If 17 months into running the government the NDA haven’t stopped the stooges of their enemy’s eco-system from continuing to enjoy state patronage, then they are nothing but amateur hacks who have no idea how to play the game at highest levels.

A lot of anguish among BJP supporters is coming from watching such incompetence playing out in many different ways. It then manifests itself in sharp criticism of the party.

It would be a huge mistake to shoot the messengers who are delivering such criticism.

BJP needs to listen to the message and use it as feedback for course correction.  Otherwise,  their future is indeed bleak.


(Name withheld for privacy reason)

My constructive suggestion is that the ruling party’s affiliated institutions must create “controlled environments” where honest feedback and critical analyses can be given with good intentions.

I failed to find such avenues so far.

There are plenty of middlemen and functionaries who have lots of time to listen and turn it into gossip, but this only feeds the rumors and does not solve anything.

When I was in senior management it was my job to create mechanisms that would provide access to others (with good intentions and good track record) in a transparent and efficient manner.

Can those who defend the GOI please help them set up these mechanisms and let them know how to proceed?


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