Like US, let Indians boycott some Main Stream Media outlets

By : Y

Republicans have gone a step further and have suspended their relationship with NBC news.

You may want to read below article to understand their reasoning to do so.  Their reasons are somewhat similar to what we can find with Indian Main Stream Media. Read it here.

We need this kind of outright boycott of our Main Stream Media not only by BJP but by viewers themselves.

Especially we need to do so with those so called English media which are already running low on viewership.

By such boycott these partisan Main Stream Media outlets can be greatly damaged and pressurized if their viewership shares fall further as a result of this action.

Imagine if BJP stops talking to NDTV and IndiaToday and other such media outlets and at the same time many viewers also stop watching them.

Instead they can focus and encourage other neutral/pro-nation Media outlets.


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