Is a blood-related coterie of powerful people fomenting anti-Modi atmosphere in India?

This is a message, which was received as forwarded.

We are sharing it here as it is very interesting and shows that there is a small group of powerful people who are related to each other.

They are up in arms against Modi because their long standing privileged status is under threat on account of the Modi’s way of working that doesn’t allow corruption in high places.

These people – a closely knit family relations- are managing the award-returning drama behind the scenes.

Here is the forwarded message.

Below is a post currently in circulation. It is very interesting to read.

Has India suddenly turned communal with a change of govt at Delhi?

Or are these the regular occurrences which are being hyped for gains by some people?

There is a mind-boggling web of interconnectedness that relates one intellectual-journalist-writer-politician-bureaucrat with another intellectual-journalist-writer-politician-bureaucrat.

Here is a sample:

Suzanna Arundhati Roy is neice of Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV).

Prannoy Roy is married to Radhika Roy.

Radhika Roy is sister of Brinda Karat CPI (M).

Brinda Karat is married to Prakash Karat (CPI(M), the ex-General Secretary of CPI ( M ).

General Secretary CPI(M) and senior member of Politburo and Parliamentary Group Leader is Sitaram Yechury.

Sitaram Yechury is married to Seema Chisthi.

Seema Chisthi is the Resident Editor of Indian Express.

Barkha Dutt works at NDTV.

Rajdeep Sardesai was Managing Editor at NDTV.

Rajdeep Sardesai is married to Sagrika Ghose.

Sagarika Ghose is the daughter of Bhaskar Ghose.

Bhaskar Ghose was Director General of Doordarshan.

Sagarika Ghose’s aunt is Ruma Pal.

Ruma Pal is former justice of Supreme Court.

Sagarika Ghose’s other aunt is Arundhati Ghose.

Arundhati Ghose was India’s permanent representative / Ambassador to United Nations.

Karan Thapar’s mama (mother’s brother) is married to Nayantara Sahgal who recently set the award-returning ball rolling.

This is a sample compilation of all these usual suspects who have affiliations and relations with each other.

It’s almost like a big Italian mafia family, the sorts we see in Hollywood movies, not of regular high-command.

If you read recent books by Kuldip Nayar, Tavleen Singh and Sanjaya Baru you will find almost every high-profile person in the Congress-Communist establishment related to each other whether it is in politics or bureaucracy or journalism.

May be the price raise issue, has a similar inter-connections.

For more than a decade this nexus fought tooth and nail to prevent Narendra Modi from assuming power in Delhi because they knew that if the system that sustained them lost power, they would too.

Unfortunately for this coterie, Narendra Modi couldn’t be stopped and consequently, it is feeling threatened.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Nov 02, 2015 @ 20:21:08

    There is a famous saying which says ‘birds of same feather flock together’ and the present instance of the so-called intelligentia losing sleep over the alleged lack of tolerance in today’s India is an apt example of the above. But don’t worry; this was manufactured on purpose with Bihar election in mind but come November 5 all those with runny nose will have complete healing of their artificial cough and cold.



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