Modi’s upcoming UK visit and anti-India voices get louder there

By : ( Name withheld for privacy reason )

Narendra Modi,  the Prime Minister of India,  is to visit UK soon,  naturally with a specific agenda in his mind. There are anti – Modi forces present there,  which want to frustrate this agenda.  Their voices are getting louder by the passing of day. They feel further emboldened by the recent verdict of Bihar polls.

What, on earth, are Indian diplomatic staff in London (and embedded intelligence officers in the embassy) doing?

Sleeping on the job? Isn’t it their job to keep a hawk-eyed vigil against just such an event?

PM Modi has to be far savvier than the Breaking-India forces.

He has to be more than a speaker-to-large-rallies.

What use are these visits by PM Modi if they don’t result in building the kind of clout / relationship with foreign governments if these governments can’t be prevailed upon to prevent these kinds of virulent protests.

Just making speeches to delirious crowds of naive NRIs chanting Modi-Modi is a waste of the time of the Prime Minister of one-seventh of humanity.

Does he not realise this?


Unfortunately Indian leaders have no clue, no capability to understand much less respond.

This is the result of deep rooted anti/un-intellectualism.

Have not invested in good intellectuals. Too many useless persons “country bumpkins” masquerading as intellectuals by borrowing one-liners to look wise.

This capability takes at least a decade to develop. They have not even started in earnest yet. Dont even know what is entailed.

The initial anti-Modi campaigns went without effective response from GOI, Sangh, BJP, etc. Hence it got worse in his USA trip.

Then came the various award returning groups one by one – all orchestrated.

Now this UK trip.Believe me, it will only get worse.

Opponents know this is the soft belly where the attacks will solidify their intellectual base against Modi.

Those in charge in the present govt cannot afford to think that ignoring is the best way to get rid of it – thats mere escapism.

The reality is they are afraid to deal with it, hence pretense that it does not matter.

Further addition:

I learned yesterday that my university has organised a Diwali festival. In that they have called leftist Dalit Activist named Meena Kandasamy as keynote speaker.

One can figure out this visit is rightly timed with the PM Modi’s visit and formation of Awaaz Project funded by the South Asia Solidarity Group, Sikh Federation UK, Southall Black Sisters, Dalit Solidarity Network UK, Indian Muslim Federation, Indian Workers Association, Muslim Parliament, and Voice of Dalit International.

All of the classic breaking India Forces have gathered together!


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