How Native Americans were destroyed and Kumbh Melaa

Do you find any link between these subjects?

India as a nation; Indian people as a cultural group of humanity; story of the extinction of the Native American people as a nation; Kumbh Melaa to be held in India;  Indian culture-basing LitFests in vouge now-a-days ……

If you cannot find any link between these dissimilar subjects,  then we invite you to read the following and the material at the connected links there.

First read this:

Then read the following:

Now read this:

Also read:

In 2013 I was watching kumba mela covered by National Geography, In fact when they announced that they will be making a documentary I was curious what they will cover, since most of the programs aired through NG is of high quality I was expecting something different,it was for about 1 hour, initial 15 mts it was good, later they started showing their true colour, their focus was mainly on Naaga Sadhus ,Aghori,the way they dress ,and their eating habits, and they caught hold off one young Aghori, and asked him to demonstrate his power, innocently he demonstrated his power,it was something related to hanging a big stones to private part  and swinging  the stones for several minutes,then some stupid discussion about it.After going through the write up by Rajiv now I am able to correlate what he is saying and what I saw.

Dr Arathi V B


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