Chennai downpour, Climate Change and Paris-talks

By : Shreepal Singh

There is a deluge in Chennai in the last 24 hours. It is unprecedented in the history of this city. Today it is happening in India; tomorrow it may happen at some another place. And the probability is that it will certainly happen. The only question is how early it can happen on a place or places on Earth.

Paris is debating the “possibility or probability of Climate Change,  its ill effects and how to contain them”.

Yes,  there is a connection between the Chennai Deluge and Climate Change. But there is also a connection between the Climate Change and the way we live.

When Paris talks about the Climate Change should it not talk about our way of life?  This way of life is connected to the rich and the rich would not like to talk about it.

But let us talk about it.

Earth is heading towards a population explosion with increased demand for and pressure on natural resources, which are limited in quantity.

With a competition for these scarce resources and increased demand for food, water, land, commodities and services etc., a new explosive ground is being prepared today for crimes related to economic matters, violence, national and international migration of population fraught with the prospects of increased ethnic/racial tensions and nationalist clashes.

The concentration of wealth in a few hands made possible by the prevalent private market economy at the global level is sure to cause the elimination of the weak in the economy and creation of the monopolies of a few strong ones.

It would cause not only a widening gap between the rich and the poor but also the costly life, rampant unemployment and helplessness of the poor to do anything to avert his condition would cause a general heart-burning and explosive social condition at the global scale.

Today there is an all-pervading mental restlessness not only among human beings but even in animals, birds and other creatures.

In the face of rampant depression, suicidal tendencies and frustration at the global level, the preservation of mental health has become a great challenge to our society today.

It is caused by the ill-effect on human brain/mind of the omnipresent and ever increasing electromaganetic radiation generated by our devices on which our civilization is dependent.

The  rapid advance in bio-science is already making our race a disoriented horde.

It is a critical situation. We are living at critical times.

And this situation has come so early in our society only because of our way of life.



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