Wendy Doniger in service of an “erotic Hinduism”

By : Shreepal Singh

Wendy Doniger speaks out her heart: Let Hindu-India not develop a Hindu-leader.

Her heart breaks at encountering the reality that today Hindu-India has developed a Hindu – leader in Narendra Modi.

She is very much worried that “with India having found a Hindu – leader in Modi” this country has lost democracy. This is what Wendy Doniger said while participating via Skype in the latest Litfest,  the occasions which have become the easy opportunity for persons like Wendy Doniger for India-bashing in the name of Literature Festivals.

To a question by someone “how good Hindu leadership could emerge”, Wendy Doniger said (as reported by Times of India):

“There are several Hindu leaders, but no one individual. The trick is to ensure a Hindu leadership doesn’t evolve”. That India was beginning to to be ruled by an escalating “Hindu leadership” was a development “that had to be halted”.

It is for you to take a minute of you and ponder over the reason for this wish of Wendy Doniger. You know Christians have their leader in Pope;  Muslims have their Caliph;  Buddhists have their Dalai Lama; etc.

To look that she is a person who has a very benevolent view of Hinduism,  she says, “Hinduism has a thousand spirits,  but Hindutva picks just one – “a sanitized,  anti-erotic thread” and makes it the definitive representation,  which it isn’t.”

But by this statement,  she has betrayed her real mind. She is offended by “anti-erotic thread of Hinduism”. She claims Hinduism is not “anti-erotic”.

Wendy Doniger is distorting history, to say the least.

Hindus had a leader in M. K. Gandhi.  And he was anti-erotic. To Doniger’s information,  Gandhi experimented with celibacy, advocated it and limited his sexual life to only one woman – his wife Kasturba.

Hindus had a leader in Vivekananda. And he was anti – erotic. He was a celibate.

Hindus had a leader in Sri Aurobindo.  He was anti – erotic. He was a celibate who advised his wife – Mranalani – to make him free from marital bond.

Hindus had a leader in Guru Nanak -who was a Hindu before founding Sikhism. He was anti-erotic. He was a celibate.

Hindus had a leader in Gautam Buddha -who was a Hindu before founding Buddhism.  He was anti-erotic. He left his wife -Yashodhara – to search for the secret of death,  old age, sickness and in his search found this secret in “Enlightenment”.

What does Wendy Doniger want to prove?  And, why does she want to prove that she wants?

To serve the interests of Western “imperialism”, imperialism of culture!

Madam your thin cover is blown off!

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  1. cpgmm
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 04:56:07



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  2. cpgmm
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 04:57:24

    Wendy Donigers’s Anti Hindu hate Thesis

    “Its (Ganesa’s) trunk is the displaced phallus, a caricature of Siva’s linga. It poses no threat because it is too large, flaccid, and in the wrong place to be useful for sexual purposes.” (Page 121)

    “He [Ganesa] remains celibate so as not to compete erotically with his father, a notorious womanizer, either incestuously for his mother or for any other woman for that matter.” (Page 110)

    “So Ganesa takes on the attributes of his father but in an inverted form, with an exaggerated limp phallus-ascetic and benign- whereas Siva is a “hard” (ur-dhvalinga), erotic and destructive.” (Page121)

    “Both in his behavior and iconographic form Ganesa resembles in some aspects, the figure of the eunuch…Ganesha is like eunuch guarding the women of the harem.” (Page 111)

    “Although there seems to be no myths or folktales in which Ganesa explicitly performs oral sex; his insatiable appetite for sweets may be interpreted as an effort to satisfy a hunger that seems inappropriate in an otherwise ascetic disposition, a hunger having clear erotic overtones.” (Page 111)

    “Ganesa’s broken tusk, his guardian’s staff, and displaced head can be interpreted as symbols of castration” (page 111)

    “Feeding Ganesa copious quantities of modakas, satisfying his oral/erotic desires, also keeps him from becoming genitally erotic like his father.” (Page 113)

    “The perpetual son desiring to remain close to his mother and having an insatiable appetite for sweets evokes associations of oral eroticism. Denied the possibility of reaching the stage of full genital masculine power by the omnipotent force of the father, the son seeks gratification in some acceptable way.” (Page 113)

    After Shiva has insulted Parvati by calling her Blackie [Kali], she vows to leave him and return to her father’s home and then she stations her other son, Viraka—the one Siva had made—at the door way to spy on her husband’s extramarital amorous exploits.” (Page 105-106).

    The Bhagavad Gita is not as nice a book as some Americans think…Throughout the Mahabharata.. Krishna goads human beings into all sorts of murderous and self-destructive behaviors such as war…. The Gita is a dishonest book – Wendy Doniger Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 November, 2000.

    Lord Shiva is a serial adulterer & encourages adultery. His penis is worshipped as Lingam by Hindus. – Wendy Doniger

    Lord Shiva encourages ritual rape & prostitution – Wendy Doniger

    Holi festival & wearing kumkum by Hindu women signifies violence & a thirst for blood innate in hindu culture. – Wendy Doniger

    Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had gay sex with Swami Vivekananda. – Wendy Doniger & Paulcourtright

    Sri Ramakrishna placed his feet on Swami Vivekananda’s penis. The Hindus mistook this for the mysticism of Ramakrishna – Wendy Doniger

    Sri Ramakrishna had homoerotic relationships with young boys. Meaning=He had gay sex with his male disciples – Wendy Doniger

    Sri Ramakrishna’s mystical states were generated by his pedophilia. – jefferykripal, wendydoniger

    Sri Ramakrishna’s female Guru forced him to have sex with her. – Wendy Doniger and jefferykripal

    Stunned by the cocked hips of the boy, Ramakrishna fell into ecstasy. – Jefferykripal, Wendydoniger

    Goddess Kali has an insatiable lust for sex. – Wendy Doniger

    Goddess Kali is a phallic being, a mother with a penis. – wendydoniger, sarahcaldwell

    Kali is a bloodied menstruating & castrating woman. – sarahcaldwell, wendydoniger

    Bloodthirsty tongue and the self fed breast, homosexual fellatio fantasy in a south Indian ritual tradition equals Hindu Goddess. – Wendydoniger

    Everything valuable in Hinduism comes from “lower castes” & ‘Dalits”. Every evil comes from Brahmins & Sanskrit. – Wendy Doniger

    Breastfeeding Hindu mothers don’t bond with their children like their counterparts in the West do. – Wendy Doniger

    Sage Mandavya regarded the stake (which was later cut off & shortened) he was impaled upon as his superpenis. – Wendy Doniger

    Hindus who fight to defend Hinduism suffer from psychological disorders which have roots in their penises. – Wendy Doniger



    • Authors of posts
      Dec 04, 2015 @ 08:44:49

      There are many persons in the world who suffer mental diseases and Wendy Doniger can be safely included in this group. It is for the medical profession to diagnose this particular one. It is pitty on the “Literature” community that they consider this ill-woman a literary person, instead of advising her to see a doctor. With this sick-mind-calibre this lady -Wendy Doniger – can easily find by her invention “erotic realities” in the life and person of Lord Jesus Christ or Lord Buddha, if “Western Cultural Imperialism” makes a call of service on her and she chooses to respond.

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  3. skmazumder
    Dec 07, 2015 @ 00:46:18

    To the best of my belief, neither “HINDUTWA” nor “SANATANISM” is such an invention for the “WELFARE OF THE MANKIND” that it cannot be made at all perishable by any product of HUMANKIND. Hence, the ISSUES of ‘Intolerance’, anti-hinduism or anti-any other religionism of various faiths are all immeterial in the present serious debates.



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