Idea of India

By : Shreepal Singh

Idea of India was not born in 1947 when India became free; even it was not discovered or invented on January 26, 1950 when India adopted a secular constitution.

India is an ancient nation and Idea of India has always been there with her people going back to great antiquities.

Idea of India is not the dead idea of a closed fundamentalist mind permitting no challenge but the Idea of an inquiring mind with earnest mind to question and search, whatever it be. This goes back in time to the Indus-Valley civilization and beyond.

Idea of India with the passage of time had its tryst with one religion after another. Each one of them, after contributing its worth, merged with this mighty stream losing its separate identity.

Like tributaries falling into a river, Vedic Rishies; Mahavira; Gautam Buddha; Shankaracharya; Syria-Saint of Kerala; Bulle Shah; Nizamuddin Aulia; Rahim; Baba Farid; Nanak;Mira Bai; Vivekananda; Mahatma Gandhi; Sri Aurobindo, and untold number of many other people like them moulded the shape of this Idea of India.

Idea of India is a stream, a way of life, a civilization of Indian people. The Idea of India is neither invented by one person nor it is the mirror of one religion; it is not even a composite of them all.

Idea of India is the living truth, a mighty stream and a civilization of a people who commenced their journey from some point in antiquity shrouded in mystery on the path of time  to a sublime destination lying in future.

In a series of videos, we intend to chart the course of Idea of India from the antiquities to our own times.


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