“Akhand Bharat” (a united India): Is it a suicidal-idea for India?

Recently there was a debate at the Oxford Union organized by Al Zazeera on India in the context of much publicized alleged intolerance in this country. From India Ram Madhav, General Secretary of Bharatiya Janta Party, was invited to participate in the debate.

Many persons sought to participate in the debate – one among them being Rajiv Malhotra, an articulate Indian based in U. S. – to represent India but their request was turned down by the organizers.

Ram Madhav was ill prepared to face the questions from the organizers, who were hostile and ill-disposed towards India.

The debate was conducted by a belligerent chair (Mehandi Hasan), which bombarded Ram Madhav with questions. The questions seemed difficult but were very simple to answer, had Ram Mahav shown the mirror to the chair on the question of intolerance by quoting the facts what is happening to Yazidis in Syria or to Pandits in Kasmir; or to Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh, of course, in addition to the facts of history.

But Ram Madhav fumbled and it seemed that the chair had made the point that India with a Prime Minister in Modi was an intolerant country.

It would have been a minor literary  event but for the reason that Ram Madhav happened to be a leader of BJP, represented India and – in his usual enthusiasm of an ordinary Indian – he proposed the voluntary formation of “Akhand Bharat” ( a united India) comprising of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The idea of an Akhand Bharat is an emotional outburst of many good-intentioned Indians. But this idea is fraught with mortal danger to India, at least till the international circumstances do not radically change religious bigotry in the neighboring countries.

On the idea of “Akhand Bharat”, or a united India, views have been expressed by some persons here:


By: S.


Let us seriously consider the pros cons of reunification of India, Pak and Bangladesh:


  • In the current global political scenario, neither are the constituents ready, nor will the forces acting on these countries will let this happen.
  • Pak and its entire existence has been one of confused identity. Their very existence is based on either disturbing or propagating the idea of destroying India.
    -Both of them have shown a strong resistance to let a pluralistic society exist in their borders, especially Hindus.
    -The headache of separatists within these nations only will get strengthened granting easier access to harm other parts of the nation.
    -1947 partition riots are a mere small sample  of these motivated forces, let us not forget that there are no strong leaders of the caliber of Gandhi to influence either sides, nor do we have the remembrance of common heritage and cause of fighting the colonial rule.


  • A unified India will be a huge threat to both US and China, not to mention Britain or Russia. None of these elements will even let the seed of the idea to germinate. To top it all, since the idea is only in India, it will be deemed and branded as India’s superpower design.


  • A fractured unity will hurt, unlike German or Vietnam reunification or even that of potential Korean, this reunification does not have roots all over, yet. There is no cultural, religious, social or national commonality and all the perceived ideas are purely one sided romanticized version from some Indian players.


  • Assuming, there is no geopolitical strain, mere economic stress of raising the poverty levels in the larger area will present a huge nightmare. India’s current economy is not yet in its preferred strength like West Germany prior to reunification or that of today’s China to embark on such an adventure.


  • Iran and Afghanistan, perhaps may not view this as danger, but China surely will and given their current reach, it will be hard to expect Pak (even if they are the primary movers of this idea) to not create more confusion. A simple idea of India launching free satellites for SAARC itself is being stalled and pulled down, only by Pak.




  • A strong human resource of this size, surpassing China by miles will give us a very powerful say in global geopolitics.


By: S. B.


The population of Muslims in Pakistan is around 190 million, around 136 million in Bangladesh and around 172 million in India.


The population of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Sikhs put together in these three countries is around 1000 million.


The Muslim population of the Akhand Bharat would be around 33%. This would be suicidal for Hindus and other religions.


Most of the radicalized Muslims are in these neighboring countries and they would be able to move freely in this vast country.


The Muslims are very clear in their thinking with their agenda of conversion:


  1. As a minority, ask for more and more concessions and propagate Islam slowly if situation is conducive. Else, make peace with majority and continue to survive and wait for an opportunity.


  1. As a majority, terminate the minority through conversion or killing.


The 33% Muslim will become a majority in few years, and Hindus and other religions would face serious threat. We have examples of genocides of Hindus in Muslim majority Pakistan, Bangladesh and even Kashmir in our own country.


In fact, even unification of POK into India would be dangerous for us.


The current borders are stopping the radicalized Muslims into country to a large extent and Indians are somewhat safe.


In current scenario, India must think of them staying free nations and as a good neighbor try to maintain peace with them protecting its own interests.


By: D. R.


There was a huge mistake, as huge as Gandhi et al did, when Indian leaders allowed separation for an Islamic nation in East and West Pakistan (Pakistan and Bangladesh) but kept India secular. The Hindus lost in that decision. Muslims are far more effective even when in small numbers than Hindus are with their larger numbers. Hindus will become a minority eventually with Islamic aggressiveness.


It is a bad idea to suggest any unification of two diverse ideologies.


By: J. P.


If anyone is thinking of a reunification of India with Pakistan and Bangladesh, they need to have their head examined. THE PROBLEM IS RELIGION.


If Pakistan and Bangladesh were Hindu majority, it would have been a different story.


First of all the idea of reunification would be impossible. Do you think radicalized Muslims would submit to such idea without a Hindu massacre?


On second thought, maybe such radicalized Muslims would agree, because it would be an opportunity for them to take over India and turn all Hindus into Muslims.



Any idea of reunification is suicide for the Hindus. It would be like adjoining the termite nest to your house.


The separation of 1947 was a good thing. It would have been great if all Muslims had left India.


By: R.


  • Such a large-scale and irreversible gamble by any organization/institution would be rash, unless first analyzed carefully. This analysis includes developing all likely scenarios and assigning probabilities for likely outcomes. No corporate entity rushes into such an extreme position based on emotions or political correctness.
  • First you must study the trend in those villages that started out with 40% Muslim, 20% Christian & secular, 40% Hindu. Can someone cite a study of say 50 villages that had large Muslim population living alongside Hindus in the 1950s, and tell us what happened over the subsequent 2 generations? My hunch is that such places did NOT end up as prototypes and microcosms of Akhand Bharat. Rather they drifted more towards Islam, and the Hindu side got diluted and even capitualted in many cases. But I am open to being proven wrong by hard data – not emotional arguments and some silly reasoning of which we have samples here.
  • The numerical quantity of population is not what matters. What matters is the institutional and leadership strength of various contenders. Corporate entity X does not beat Y just because it had more employees. Otherwise there would not have been the rise of Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc in the past generation beating the mighty giants of the past. If 20 jihadis could topple the World Trade Towers, you better wake up and discard the argument based on number of people on each side.
  • You must consider the international support that Islamic groups in Middle East can offer the future South Asian reunified Muslims. Look at their global reach and ambition. Which Hindu groups has anywhere close to that clout, strategic mindset, operational competence, globalized thinking? None even close.
  • If you think such a Hindu globalization can beat global Islam, you have the burden of proof to show this, because you are the one advocating such a sweeping gamble.
  • Grand Narrative to support a global aggressive expansion: Islam’s success is being driven by a powerful grand narrative rooted in 1400 years of field experience winning successfully in every single continent of the world. Where is Hinduism’s GN? How much experience in living memory to implement any expansion successfully? Where are the equivalent Hindu global institutions by comparison? The mere fact that prominent leaders go about making irresponsible policy statements suggests the hollowness of the Hindu institutions.
  • This is not an era of isolated locations that are left alone by global forces. If you understand BI, you cannot be such a fool and analyze only the local forces at work.
  • Even a mediocre middle management level person with decent corporate experience would recommend that first there must be experiments on a limited scale to study the phenomena, before implementing something so radical on a grand scale. Field trails, beta tests, prototypes. Have the proponents of reunification done these to show the results of their experiment? If not, they are a bunch of idiots with dangerous ideas. Why would you roll the dice on 1.5 billion people without having tested the idea on 20 – 50 small scale village level prototypes first?
  •  Digestion of Hinduism into Islam: Have you studied the syndrome of digestion into Islam silently going on? One is the fashionable urdu-ization of pop culture. Second is Sufism as cool, hip and ‘spiritual’. These are the mouths of digestion feeding the stomach.


Bottom line:

Hindus who call for reunification must remove the burqa from their mind and see the light. The above provocations are a starting point of the extensive due process they better carry out before making such irresponsible suggestions, and that too on international TV sitting in front of opposing audiences.


My challenge:


First create a tiny scale Akhand Bharat somewhere in india, say at the level of a state. Show us the metrics to prove its dharmic lifestyles, governance, narratives, etc implemented and living at the level of individual, family, local community, state-wide. This dharmic ethos should pervade and drive media, schools, colleges, government, business, etc. Accomplishing this will take a generation of experimentation at least. It is not about making speeches and slogans. After this success, then expand organically to cover a cluster of states. That will take several more decades. Once at least 50% of all Indians including all faiths and secularists have been brought under this imagined Akhand Bharat of the future, only then can someone open their mouth about exporting this model.


By: B. K. T.


One should be really surprised at the ignorance and naivety of the suggestion of Akhand Bharat. Any Akhand Bharat combining the different countries of the region will be suicidal for Hindus. The partition of Hindus was the greatest parting gift to India by the British.


After centuries of foreign rule Hindus got a free country of their own. Our stupid politicians and of course the so called secularists are trying their best to lose it. All you have to do is read Koran and the Hadiths, and you will know that in Akhand Bharat Hindus will be simply massacred. Besides turning India into a Muslim land, it would be bad for the whole civilization. As things are going Muslims are on the upsurge anyway. It is too bad that Hindus who believe in the supremacy of knowledge have forgotten to read, and in their ignorance have reached total asinine conclusions.


By: K. S.


Honestly speaking, no one would like to think of any unification plan with any Muslim country. They will slowly and gradually digest anybody’s culture. You have to be conscious and be alert all the time when you live with Muslims. Muslims say that the Islamic law  is superior to human dignity. All logic reasoning is subdued when a decision is made according to Islamic law.

Please refer to a recent case in Malaysia:






and get to know where they stand and what they want.


By: N. B.


It was very good that India was divided into two nations for whatever reasons. But this partition did not happen properly as total Muslim population did not go to Pakistan due to idiocy of Gandhi and Nehru. This was one of the biggest mistake committed in Indian history.


Just imagine the condition of Hindus before British came to India. Small number of Muslims had controlled Hindus over such big numbers over vast area with rape, killing, conversion etc. If India was not divided then population would have been around 160crs today.


Out of this, Muslims would have been around 52crs (18.2 Pakistan, 15.8 Bangladesh and Indian 17.2 crores) i.e. around 30%. Just imagine what this population would have done to rest of India. Huge numbers of MPs and MLAs in parliament and assembly who would have changed laws as per sharia and would have made life miserable for Hindus. Rape ,murder, abduction, conversion etc. would have continued unabated as previously before British occupation or may be even with more vigour.

One can anticipate the changes in demography in North America, Europe and Asia as well. Lot of articles have appeared recently in social media etc. denoting major population would be Muslim in these part of the world in coming 30-40 years.

Only tubular-vision persons will now talk about unified India.


By: S. K.


Have you read the history text books of Pakistan from 6th to 10th grade? I did. They are cringe worthy. Re-unification is plain suicide for Hindus. All we need to do is make sure plague rats from that sinking ship do not infest what we have left.



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