Humanity’s problems: Three Mantras

By : Shreepal Singh

Mantra No. 1: Rein in Capitalism:

How can it be achieved?

It can be achieved by “Transparently auditing of all capitalist economic activities by utilizing the power of Information Technology, including the activities of production, distribution and consumption of commodities”.

This provision will address the problems of environment; Unemployment; moral decadence of society; crime; corruption; and, subhuman living conditions.

Mantra No. 2. Transform Diverse Religions into Uniform Spiritualism:

How can it be achieved?

It can be achieved by “Spreading Rational Thinking and Scientific Knowledge by utilizing the capacity of Information Technology”.

It will solve the problems of fundamentalist violence;  deceitful or forceful conversion; ignorance of many varieties; social and individuals’ depression; moral decadence; etc.

Mantra No. 3. Globalism in place of Nationalism:

How can it be achieved?

It can be achieved by “Putting in place a Global Educational Regime formatted and regulated by employing Information Technology, wherein things to be taught could be – Humanism; Unity of all Life; Sacred nature of Earth as a Solitary Planet sustaining Life; Unity of Global Problems and Solutions”.

It will solve the problems of national wars; racism;  uneven progress;  humans amity;  etc.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Jan 08, 2016 @ 14:05:15

    Out of the three Mantras the first one can be modified by suggesting discontinuation of over-capitalizing where anything is okay for adding to your capital be it individual capital or a nation’s capital. After all money alone is not to blame for all the evils – it can wipe out the tears of so many helpless widows of the world. It is the quality of the possessor of money that matters. We have seen ‘isms’ other than capitalism and those have not really encouraged much confidence either.

    Mantra No. 2 is what should be adopted but with a caveat – any hegemony of any paricular faith will only worsen the situation. If by any miracle all fundamentalist faiths could be modified to accept the rights of other moderate faiths who do not attempt converting others either by use of force or by offer of financial and other enticements, then this Mantra will have some meaning.

    Mantra No. 3 is simply atrocious as it suggests globalism in place of Nationalism by virtue of global education regime because at the outset the question will arise whose education – ours or theirs? Whose system is superior? And as the system of the physically powerful is always accepted as superior the whole universe will not be left with any alternative to fall back upon.



    • Authors of posts
      Jan 08, 2016 @ 19:41:52

      First of all, let us state that -as the title suggests- this write up deals with the “humanity’s” problems and not the problems of India. Of course, humanity includes India too and India is afflicted with the problems that afflict humanity. We are not suggesting here that money if properly spent cannot solve problems of widows; or that all those persons who have or earn capital are “bad” persons. Issue here is not whether people having capital are good or bad. Issue here is: Transparency and honesty in accounting of capital by those who own and invest that capital in production. After all, people are the real owners of all the natural resources and these resources are given “in trust only” to those who have capital for putting those resources “only for development” and in return for earning “profit” by way of an “incentive”. Issue has nothing to do with any “ism” but with “economics”. All people having capital are not bad; but also all are not good. The question is their “accounting” to the people who are the real owners of the things given in trust. You say over-capitalization should not be allowed. Quantum is not material for accounting. Everywhere accounting should be there. This is one part. Now about problems – one would agree that the purpose – and the motive – of investing capital is “earning profit”. It is like one and one are two to say that to increase “profit” the person who invests capital “always” resorts to “minimize” employment of people who have to be paid regular wages. We have yet to find a “gentleman capitalist” who pays wages to the “gentleman workman” who is no more is needed because of his replacement by machine (which works better and need no wages). To solve this problem – Accounting. What is objectionable to accounting?
      This is about Mantra No. 1.



      • Authors of posts
        Jan 08, 2016 @ 20:03:28

        About Mantra No. 2. “Hegemony of any one faith”. We are talking here of “Transformation” of all “faiths” and transformation does not amount to “adding” them; or “adjusting” them as one hegemonistic and others subordinates. Transformation means a new thing in place of the old ones. In fact, there is “only one” force or God or Almighty or Nirvana or Divine. …. And, there is fight for that one to shape that one into “one’s own faith”. All this fight has to end by “Transformation”. One example of transformation – Classical Physics (of Newton’s mechanics) has been transformed into Relativity Physics (of Einstein), where nothing is left of the old mechanics. We think this is enough on this Mantra.



        • Authors of posts
          Jan 08, 2016 @ 20:25:46

          About Mantra No. 3. As we said, we are talking here about humanity. If, for example, Indian Nationalism is justified, American Nationalism is equally justified etc. Then all countries’ Nationalism is justified. It is logically absurd to talk of Indian Nationalism and deny this right to others. This must end. Humanity is one. Point No. 1. Second – world is moving from tribes to kingdoms and from kingdoms to nation states and from nation states to world order – UN is shallow image of what is yet to come. Let us lead in thinking. Give something new and original to the world – that is acceptable. Thirdly – don’t we know today all problems are global and not national. War the atomic kind. Climate – affecting our life. Knowledge competition. International migration. Concepts of human rights and justice. Diseases. Outer space. Let us be original and innovative. We think it is enough for Mantra No. 3.



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