Paradise on Earth – Will the “Dream” be ever realized?

By: Shreepal Singh

  Nature, living and non-living both, is full of conflicts. It is the way of existence.

  In the living world we have some proof of this operating principle in the Darwin’s theory of evolution. It holds that there is struggle among all living beings for survival and that the fittest one among them survives the struggle. This top rank of fitness is not restricted to physical fitness alone; with differing stages of evolution of a particular species of life this fitness may take different types and tactics.

  In human society we have seen during different stages of social development different kinds of conflicts among members of the society. Over the period of its evolution, human society has evolved many kinds of institutions. There are many religions, ethnic stocks, castes and nationalities in the world. There are many kinds of wealth, which individuals possess, and different classes demarcated by the possession or non-possession of this wealth. There have been slaves and slave-owners, peasants and land-owners and working-people without capital and employers of these people having capital to hire them.

  It all seems natural since no two individuals are equal in strength, brain, money or circumstances.

  Because of the conflict of interests among different people and these inequalities among them, there is exploitation of the weak and injustice to the disadvantaged. It is natural mechanism of this world’s forward movement. It is the way of human development.

  But there is another aspect of life’s evolution.

  There is an internal – a psychic – evolution of life spread over many births of the individual concerned. It is wrong to assume that all weak or economically disadvantaged individuals are always an exploited lot on whom injustice has been inflicted by the strong; and, likewise, it is also wrong to hold that all strong persons with advantageous circumstances are unjust out to exploit the weaklings.

  Psychic or internal evolution of human beings – and even of animals also, with which we are not concerned here – offers a logical explanation of the cases where the strong persons with fortuitous circumstances have opposed the exploitation and unjust treatment of the weak.

  Since past ages, human history has seen many philosophers and thinkers who dreamt of establishing a just social order; some ordained religious prescriptions to help and protect the weak. However, so far all have failed in establishing a paradise on earth. Why is it so?

Human is imperfect being within and therefore his society, which is the outside manifestation of this inner being, is cruel, exploitative and unjust. All our social philosophies, ideologies or theories that aim at remedying this most ancient anti-social phenomenon, whether they are of pacific or radical nature, make a mistake in searching the culprit in this outside social behavior and in prescribing a change in social system.

  This is the chief reason why persons fighting injustice have often become unjust themselves.

  It is not that we should not devise a better social system and fight for establishing it; we should do it. But we should be mindful that this change is not enough.

  We should go further and devise means to make human beings better within. We should aim at achieving better devices, both within and without. That means, we should fight for a social system where the robbing off the labor of people by the capital is not permitted by society’s economic institutions and people are assured of a congenial atmosphere to lead an awakened life within.

  The social institutions – be they economic, political or social – should be ranked in importance only secondary to the primary need – that is, individualized personal life focussed on his or her psychic or spiritual development – to achieve the goal.

  These outer formations – socio-economic cum political institutions – should be changed by humanity as early as possible in a way that they do not hinder individuals’ internal – psychic – evolution.

  On the contrary, these institutions should be consciously fashioned in a way that they support and advance the individual’s effort to elevate him or her on the psychic scale. These supportive means include guranteed right to work; providing a person with enough leisure hours to enable him or her to live his life; provision of necessities of life; etc. Today, science and technology have made it possible to secure all these requirements, which were not possible a few decades earlier.

  An individual should not be permitted to spoil the needed congenial socio-economic ambience that may hinder this individuals’ psychic progress for whatever reason – like the need to offer an individual the incentive to make economic development of the society; or, for the reason of providing him or her the freedom to take initiative; etc.

  The society has to make its moves, even if falters, towards perfection. It is the key of moving forward – moving ahead on the path of evolution.

  The fact is that perfection in economic justice, like in all other fields of human activities, would never come till human is what he is – till he does not rise further by giving a place of importance to that element what lies beyond his body’s needs, his desires and his mental formations – and that despite knowing this limitation he still has to make his moves towards perfection.


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