Star TV’s “Ramayan” – A mischief

By : Soba Rani (edited)

Star TV in India is planning to show a serial on “Ramayan”.

Its promo creates an impression that a pretention is made that this Ramayan is shown and judged from the angle of Mata Seeta (the wife of Lord Ram), as a woman.

But here a new and modern concept of “women’s rights” is superimposed on a story that belongs to a different era.

Ram’s life story called Ramayana belongs to an era that had different social values and different ideals of society.  These ideals of that society portrayed Seeta as “woman as the wife”; Ram as “a king who cares for the public sentiments”; Ram as  “setting an example of a king (Ram) and a queen (Seeta) who suffer extreme sacrifice and travails of life for others to emulate”.

By logical conclusion (hrough the device of bringing in the modern concepts of  Women’s rights and liberation)  the debauchery is sought to be included in this version of Ramayan.

It is all done in the name of appealimg terms called “Women’s Rights” and “Women’s Liberation”.

The first objection  to this malicious distortion of Ramayana would be: How come the writer/producer of this serial has tried to apply modern ideals to a story that is set in ancient times and different ideals.

The second objection to this distortion would be: How come the writer/producer of this serial has failed to know and show in his story that Seeta by willingly accepting – though grudgingly to show her sufferings –  had set an example of not only a devoted wife but also a righteous queen;  that Ram by sending his wife away from him and not enjoying other women in the meantime in the absence of Seeta (which conduct would be acceptable and even laudable to this modern producer/champion of Women’s rights), Ram had set an example of a virtuous king who simply preferred to suffer personally for the sake of the sentiment of one of his most low subject.

This serial is full of lies, distortions and mockery of Ramayanam.

This serial is broadcast by star TV, which is also translated into Telugu, Tamil languages also.

Also this serial is portray Rakshaks like tribes and they are fighting for their rights.

This slanting of the story by indicating Rakskas as tribal people exposes the nefarious motives of the producer that he wants to promote the current theme of “tribal versus general Indians” propagated by anti-national elements today.

The sad thing is that this serial has got so much of support from so many orators and spiritual gurus like Giar swamy, garikipati narasimharao garu, chaganti koteswararao garu etc.,   really all of them are very good gurus and very much following is there for their speeches.

Here what we believe is that these Gurus have not done “Purvapaksha (or what is that which the opponent wants to convey and wants to achieve)”as Rajiv Malhotra has pointed out.

Now it’s time to all Indians to unite together and protest against this serial so that the so called liberal values full of debauchery  don’t enter into our great ancient Indian narrations.


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  1. prabharaj108
    Jan 23, 2016 @ 11:08:27

    Re.the Star TV’s Ramayana I had my suspicions about that and this article fully confirms it. I see it very much advertised on the internet. It is very important to inform about this distortion and misrepresntation. Can a protest to ban it through ‘’ or any other means be started. Can people-Hindus- be urged to boycott it?



  2. Santanu Dey
    Jan 24, 2016 @ 15:45:54

    Aside from the distortion in the original scipt by admixing modern theories in the story like women’s rights and the like the choice of actors, particularly all the big Rishis and the main King (Drupad) clearly exposes the evil motive behind this production. King Drupad (father of Sita) looks like an exact replica of Jesus Christ but for the thick lock of hair and beards and he and all the other main religious characters are unusually fairskinned (almost anemic). I can’t think of any other motive behind this evil design in this other than reaffirmation of the ‘Aryan’ theory, which was a British fabrication to divide India vertically into Aryans and Dravidians. I for myself have stopped watching this production and am trying to avoid using Star TV as much as possible to register my own protest but wonder what effect this will have on other viewers, particularly the common man who only look for entertainment through these serials. This will unfortunately provide fresh fodders to the bunch of Hinduism bashers of which there is no dearth in this country. Why can’t these groups be challenged to look into the history of other major religions where there are much larger instances of women’s exploitation but they are not interested as such efforts will have no dent on the believers of those religions – hence hardly any taker.



  3. Siva
    Feb 01, 2016 @ 15:26:55

    This serial is a clear indication of the deep penetration of distortions of our Itihasas in the name of Propagation by many forms of mass media.

    It is very unfortunate that most of the present day scholars of Hindu Dharma are not doing critical analysis of the media and its attempts and responding accordingly…



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