21 GUN SALUTE -“The Battle For Sanskrit”

21 Gun Salute


A book by: Rajiv Malhotra

By: Avinash Naidoo

Low res-Front Cover

Since ancient times India has been the birth place of sages, seers and saints. It has been a country that has shared its rich culture all over the world, which was highly reputed. India has for ages relied on its spiritual wealth and nothing else. If one just thinks about the plight and position of the mother of spirituality and the quintessence of life today, the ocean of anguish and concern hits like a tsunami unannounced, to think that once upon a time this great land spread light of divinity to every corner of the world in all places, in all periods of time in human history.

 It is in this light that Sanskrit took form, being the most ancient among the world’s diverse languages. Unlike any other civilisation and their languages or means of…

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