Most serious lapse of Modi Govt. of two years’ power

By: Shreepal Singh

Narendra Modi as a person and the government of India under him seem to have set, by all accounts of their actions and words, goals before India as a nation, which are indeed very high and ambitious. These goals are especially ambitious for India because they seem to be set in the context of current geo-political global formations and may play a prominent role in the emerging world.

One would need only a common sense to realize that such highly ambitious targets for any nation would certainly need persisting and determined efforts on the part of those who are at the helms of affairs. Most certainly, a five-year stint at the head of power is not enough for this task. Any sane person would not doubt this plain truth.

And, Modi and his government have been in power for almost two years by now out of its total of five. What did Modi and his government do in these two years? To be honest, Modi and his government have been almost on their tiptoes, relentlessly and tirelessly, in pursuing these national goals. There are many fronts where the results of these efforts are visible to anybody who cares to notice them and these results are being acknowledged by independent international observers and agencies.

But, while determining the strategy to realize the set national goals, should these efforts of Modi and his government have been the “top priority” or even the “only priority” in this stint of five years? Oh! come on, one has to show the results to the country! Yes, you have to prove yourself by your results. But, should it be the top priority of a government that has five years at its disposal and has a program ten or fifteen years’ goals at its hands? No. Absolutely, no. Then, what are those other priorities that should be given equal, if not more, importance in the strategic planning?

It is the task of putting your intellectual soldiers at the battle fronts, where the war is going on in the nation. If you do not have them in the required numbers, groom them and deploy them. If you fail in this task, you fail in your entire mission. And, rest assured, if you fail, you lose; if you lose, you go; if you go, whatever you have achieved so far, would be dismantled and demolished. The resonance-amplification of the sounds of “intolerance, atrocities on Dalits, minorities oppression, dirty-India, superstitious-India” etc. are the direct outcome of the failure of this government to put competent people at proper places. The old guards as usual are ruling the roost. This Government has not been able to put in place a “fast acting body” to review who is doing what in this country and for how many years.

Modi government has not been able in its long-span of two years to identify the available intellectual soldiers and deploy them where they are urgently required to challenge and demolish the opponent-intellectual fortifications. Till now, there is no top quality intellectual institute of international repute established in India that convinces the world how the Indian philosophy, way of life, thoughts and outlook are correct in essence; how the adversaries’ ideas (which are being marketed from the high pulpit of commercial media) are hollow within; and, how the modern science – psychology, para-psychology, Unity of Fundamental Force, neuroscience etc. – is validating with each passing day the essence of this most vibrant and multifaceted Indian thought.

Intellectually, India is still being ruled by the decadent Western thoughts, which on being practised there in the West or here in India has destroyed the peace and beauty of life. There are intellectually accomplished people in India – and even in the West – who are able to demolish by virtue of their depth of knowledge of the current science as well as of the understanding of Indian way of life the opponents’ fashionable cult passing under the name of modern Western outlook.

These intellectual soldiers have not been identified by the Modi government; they are not deployed where they are urgently needed to be deployed; and, there is no top quality institution in place where the new crop of these intellectuals could be grown. This is the most serious lapse – the fatal mistake – of Modi and his government. In formulating a strategy to accomplish the goals set before itself, this government needs to give this task an equal priority – if not the top priority. And, out of the five years, two have already passed.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Feb 06, 2016 @ 14:33:55

    Could someone suggest a list of such competent people who can do the job of Purvapaksha and Uttarpaksha of the well-entrenched lobby that has been active right from day one to denigrate what India is and what its forefathers (no not the Congress forefathers but the really ‘gyani’ peiople milleniums before) had prescribed for us? Yes this indeed is one of the prime, if not the most, imprtant tasks before Narendra Modi if India has to see better days in the coming 10/15 years. Let us appeal to Mr. Modi in a chorus to take this job with due dilligence most urgently because there is not much time left to lose for him and us.



    • Authors of posts
      Feb 06, 2016 @ 18:02:41

      Modi himself is a keen observer of things around him and a practising spiritualist. He can put in place a group of persons tasked to identify intellectual soldiers. Who says what in this country is all available in public domain. All one needs is a competent group of honest individuals who can review and judge the works of the available talent and intellectuals. It is not a big job. Invest them with position and power so that their voice is heard. People in this country have been entrenched for decades and in succession of generations in positions of power by proving their loyalty to the power that be. Most of such people are incompetent and dishonest. They need to be exposed and uprooted, and replaced with competent people. And, quickly.



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