J. N. U.- How US is trying to control India & “The Battle for Sanskrit”

By: Sankhdeep Das

The book ‘The Battle for Sanskrit’ informs us about modern Kurukshetra between American Orientalists like Mr. Sheldon Pollock, his team and our Sanskriti. This is about hijacking our Sanskrit and sanskriti.

Many eminent Indian scholars and business tycoons are in awe of Mr.Pollock , and ready to elevate their social status and prestige by offering millions of dollar for his work. Even our own Sringeri Math was going towards the same direction. Shri Rajiv Malhotra intervened in the matter and till now the decision is on hold.

In the meantime ” The Battle for Sanskrit” has been published and we know how deep is this nexus to destabilize India through giving a political twist to our own Shastras and Kavyas.

Outsiders i.e. American Orientalists are injecting venom of Dalit oppression, hegemony of Brahmin and King over population of India, mainly Shudras, by inventing a new concept ‘Aestheticization of Power’.

According to these outsiders, Vedas are equivalent to mumbo jumbo and Kavyas like Ramayan, Mahabharata etc were written by Brahmins to aestheticize the king so that king could hypnotize common people and in turn Brahmins could continue to live under king’s grace. They say this was the way Sanskrit propagated throughout Asia. They say there is nothing sacred in Sanskrit. It is already dead and it should be kept in museum only to analyse like Greek and Latin.

Surprisingly, they are silent about Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, which are also very old language.

Shri Rajiv Malhotra refutes all this propaganda with his razor sharp intellect and provides numerous scopes to do ‘Purva Paksh’ on American Orientalists. Rajivji makes difficult concept of western thinkers like Benjamin, Vico etc very lucid so that one can understand the issues of this war of intellect or, as he terms it, Kurukshetra.

The writings of these scholars are twisted and tricky so that they could not be understood easily by Indian Sanskrit Pandits. They often have double meanings. By superficial reading one would feel good that they are praising our Sanskrit and sanskriti, but on deeper reading one would find that they are blaming Sanskrit as a weapon of Indian Kings and Brahmins.

Rajivji painstakingly explains all these tricka of US Orientalists in an understandable way.

Recent J. N. University, New Delhi events prove the deep penetration of these Breaking India forces. Books of Rajivji expose how from US, Indians could be controlled by colouring our Shastras, Kavyas. Mr.Noam Chomsky writes to VC of JNU, New Delhi asking why VC allowed police inside campus. Many eminent scholars, including Mr.Sheldon Pollock, from various US universities protest against Govt. of India and support JNU students for anti-Indian slogans and activities. Every Indian should make it a point to read ALL the books by Shri Rajiv Malhotra. They are eye openers.

Now this is our turn to reverse the gaze and decide who has the ‘Adhikar’ to control Sanskrit.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Feb 22, 2016 @ 14:35:36

    For the Western Indologists it is their profession; they have taken this job for, by hook or by crook, keeping the Indian peninsula and its millions ready for conversion to their own faith to maintain their numerical superiority amongst the world population and for achieving this they adopt a two-pronged attack. One is to show Hinduism, which is the general faith of majority of Indians, in the poorest of lights skimming out all the positivities from Hinduism and unearth all the negativities from Hindu Shashtras by delving deep into them and prominently display the same to try and convince Indians about the futility of their effort of seeking/reaching God through their old faith and secondly by artificially glorifying Christianity by all means to make it more attractive. And they have been quite successful in their effrorts so far. But they are not satisfied with what they have achieved uptil now, which is duly revealed by their desparation in recent times.

    But a much bigger danger, according to me, is posed by our own people who have sold themselves to the Westerners and are working as their ‘Sepoys’ (to borrow Rajivji’s own terminology). We will have to somehow reconvert them on an urgent basis and for those who prove to be hard nuts to crack by tattooing them prominently so they can be easily identified by the gullible Indians and they are on guard as soon as these brown agents of the West make an appearance. Recent incidents at JNU and some other prominent institutions in India have clear signature of these Westerners interested in maintaining their longstanding hegemony on India and its people and they are desperate to get rid of an Indian govt that for the first time has shown guts to control their nefarious activities through various NGOs, which were nothing but their front organizations, to destabilize India. Indian authorities as well as Indians in general can’t afford to relax till these antinational NGOs and their Western patrons are dealt with sufficiently and this dangerous gang is duly defanged. Hope it will be achieved soon.



    • Authors of posts
      Feb 22, 2016 @ 22:50:21

      What you said is correct. NGOs working in India – and throughout the world – are the eyes, ears and hands of Western Imperialism – particularly the US. The relevant issue is how to save India from their nefarious designs. A few suggestions:
      1. JNU episode is blessing in disguise. The more Sheldon Pollock etc. expose themselves before the Indian public eyes by siding with anti-India activists like in JNU the better it is. Indian people are getting united because of support. Thanks Pollock, the Sanskrit scholar!
      2. NGOs like Green Peace, Nuclear Disarmament Peace groups – that don’t speak a word about Western “simulation-atomic experiments/explosion” or against western industrial facilities that manufacture parts that are needed for atomic weapons – and NGOs working for espionage/reporting (e.g. Ground Report India), conversion in the guise of tribal welfare, health, education etc. should be kept by ordinary Indians under VIGIL and reported to police of such activities.
      3. India must forge – and is already forging – intimate relationship with countries – like Japan, China(!), Russia, Brazil et al – for an alternative balancing world power.
      4. Computer working on “Sanskrit Digits” (replacing 0 and 1 for “A” etc.) should be developed and computers should be made to communicate in Sanskrit.
      5. Indian Sanskrit scholars should be recognized and helped to spread their knowledge “in positive way” internationally.
      6. Negatively, they should do “uttarpaksha” to Pollock etc.
      7. Connect spiritual phenomena like rebirth, ESP, foretelling future etc. with scientific experiments. This will demolish “bookish religions” and establish universal spiritualism as a science.
      8. Identify “Breaking India” political forces working within India, isolate them and root out them.
      9. Take the fight from India to out of India – the motto: the light and truth in the light of science – to fight Pollock etc.
      10. United action. Collaboration. Humanism. No bigotry. No narrow mindedness. World leadership of the concept of “vasudhiv kutumbkam”.



  2. Santanu Dey
    Feb 23, 2016 @ 15:01:22

    All the series of steps suggested by you explicitly requires one simple prerequisite and that is existence of a nationalistic govertment in Delhi for a period of at least 15 years (of course if that happens then by that time all these antinational forces of today will die a natural death and India, I am sure, will by then occupy its rightful place in the comity of nations in the world) and that too with unbridled power not dependent on any alliance to take major decisions. That is why one feels unnerved when one sees a big crowd assembled at meetings organized by Breaking-India forces, be it in H’bad or N. Delhi. As it is, in India there already exists approximately a 20% (officially, which may be higher in reality) population, which is completely sold out to the antinational sickularist group by virtue of their continuous false propaganda. And on top of that this group of population is very seriously trying to amalgamate with the so-called Backward communities of India who also form a large chunk of the total population. And on top of everything is the naivity of the majority of our population who can be fooled so easily by false and filthy propaganda. Needless to say the above facts do not augur well for the future of India; and mind you if by any chance Narendra Modi government goes the same way as the earlier Vajpayee government then future of India is destined to be doomed for the coming 30-50 years.



    • Authors of posts
      Feb 23, 2016 @ 19:25:40

      Yes, you are right. But suppose in India there 50 Narendra Modi and the government public relation resources are made are made available to them to reach and teach ignorant Indian population; it will change India for the good forever. But are there 50 Modis available in India? I dare say, they are in thousands there in India. It is not the problem. Problem is somewhere else. In BJP – the party of Modi – there are vested interests, who have spent their entire life for making a place there. But they are not upto the mark required to do the said work and they DO NOT want and allow others to accomplish this work. They love their political careers in their political party than India and her future. It is but natural on their part and quite understandable. Everybody in BJP – the ruling party – is not Modi; and there are very few there who think and work like Modi. Any solution? One solution:
      Modi and his few friends should give top priority – just like running this government – to TELENT HUNTING wherever it is available. This may upset old guards but this is the risk one has to take, if one wants to secure India’s future. Otherwise, the present dispensation will sooner or later be overwhelmed by “Breaking India” forces, which are working overnight and with international support.



  3. Santanu Dey
    Feb 25, 2016 @ 15:45:25

    On the second day of the budget session on 24/02 there was an interesting sight – Lalkrishna Adwani seated next to the Congress Queen. Is there a hidden message here? Is the old brigade of BJP so desperate to hog the limelight? I really don’t know how the seating arrangement is arrived at – is it a free for all or is there a convention followed so far as this matter is concerned? I very much appreciate the predicaments faced by Mr. Modi – on one side he has to be on permanent guard against the sick/solo performance of the Shehazada, but that could be managed much more easily if there was absence of a persistent heckle from within, mainly the older brigade. Don’t know what the solution to this malady is. Thank God Mr. Modi is made up of tougher material and it will take at least half a dozen Advani/Joshi/Shantakumar combine to shake him from his one-track resolve, which is India first, India second, and India always. But yes, the think tank of BJP should be seriously scouring the whole of Indian peninsula for genuine and highly capable leadership material, at least 50 of them, who will be absolutely selfless without any hint of a self ego whose sole goal would be betterment of Mother India and who would be ever-ready to sacrifice every drop of their sweat and blood for HER.



    • Authors of posts
      Feb 25, 2016 @ 20:05:59

      I am in agreement with you on the symbolic significance of Lalkrishan Advani sitting next to the lady who heads the congress party. It is an ominous sign for Modi and coming times for India. I see a danger building up against the bright future of this country. This danger is more serious than the sinister meeting of minds between the old guards of BJP – like Advani, Joshi, Satrughan and other disgruntled elements of this party – and the lady who is arch-enemy of Modi. My assessment of elements that would like to destroy Modi:
      1. The old guards and their henchmen who not only lost power but are also losing every chance to come to power again in future because of the popularity and consolidation of power of Modi.
      2. A large number of current leaders occupying seats of power and their associated party rank and file who are unhappy as they are not able to reap the fruits of power because of the curb of Modi on corruption.
      3. The entrenched business class which was making money by adopting corrupt means but now is not able to continue it because of the effective anti-corruption steps taken by Modi. This is the most dangerous class having means to destroy any person that doesn’t suit them.
      4. NGOs, which in their essence are drdicated to break India/ stop her rise, find their plans checked by the strict measures taken against them by Modi. These NGOs are quite powerful as they are controlled and financed by international forces.
      5. Combination or Mahagathbandhan of these political forced: those who are ousted from power; Dalit forces against the rise of a harmonized India; religious forces having a different dreams; communist groups; etc.
      Any solution for Modi?
      MY opinion:
      Only one way out: Fan out to millions of ignorant Indian people living in villages / countryside. Vigorously. In larger numbers. Teach them what Modi wants for them. Tell them who are the enemies of Modi. Get them prepared to vote for Modi against all adds.
      What Modi is trying to do for India is nothing sort of a revolution – without bloodshed; without committed cadre; without a dictatorship; by democratic method.
      If Modi succeeds in his mission, it will be an unparalleled political event, which the world has not seen in this form.



  4. बाह्मणत्व
    Mar 04, 2016 @ 23:18:14

    Reblogged this on brahmantva.



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